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The Gathering brings churches together

Gathering in unity with a single purpose brought 60 churches together under one roof for a historic event in Salem, Oregon at the Fairgrounds Pavilion on the National Day of Prayer, May 4, 2017. A culturally diverse crowd estimated at over 3,000 people from many backgrounds, denominations, and nationalities called upon God to shape the hearts of their pastors and leaders, and to stir their own hearts with a fresh passion and desire for God. Throughout the evening, prayers were offered for revival within each city and community, with a renewed interest and vision for reaching the lost.

A multitalented worship band comprised of artists and musicians from various local churches inspired the crowd throughout the night with familiar songs and hymns, interspersed with Scripture readings, delivered in English, Spanish, and Russian. Pastors and their spouses assembled near the stage for a challenge and stirring time of intercessory prayer, coupled with a spiritual blessing. 

Everyone in attendance was encouraged to pray together in small groups all over the Pavilion amphitheater, being led with specific requests. As a sign of unity, and in keeping with Ephesians 4: 3-6, individual churches, denominations, and leaders throughout the evening remained anonymous, rather giving all of the focus to the one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism – one God and Father of all. Each message was translated into three languages, along with signing for the hearing impaired, giving everyone an opportunity to hear in their own language. Commitment to each other and the church body, regardless of denomination or language, was an underlying theme, clearly demonstrated by each participant in the carefully planned program.

Many were encouraged by the spirit of unity that was on full display the entire evening, and people left with a renewed sense of purpose for what God can accomplish in His church when brothers dwell together in peace in Salem, the city of Shalom.

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Our God is mighty to save. In the war-recovering Balkan region, nearly 1,000 people surrendered to Christ in Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia—the result of God’s work through Reid Saunders, Brett Butcher, Richard and Ginger Hamlet of Global Ministries, and musician Zach Blickens. Throughout the three countries, they shared the Gospel in each of the 29 outreach meetings over a course of 12 days.

 The team ministered to people of all ages and backgrounds by way of working with local coordinators to hold evangelistic meetings at restaurants. One Croatian church expressed its joy upon the success of one such meeting. Many of its members brought along unsaved friends and family, and by the end of the night, 30 out of the 100 participants chose to give their lives to Christ.

 “The Croatian ground is so hard,” a church member said. “Sometimes it can feel like we are trying to sow seed in a rock quarry. Times like these are a great reward for us!”

In Bosnia, 48 new believers came to Christ during two events. This is a significant number given that Bosnia is made up of 4 million people, and only 400-500 are believers.


 In Serbia, Reid spoke to hundreds of people in a refugee camp; many were from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Serbian Pastor, Jan Demiter has tried to help refugees in this camp for some time, but most of the local people opposed him, believing it a waste of effort. Prejudice against Muslims runs high in Serbia due to years of tension and a war of ethnic cleansing. However, Demiter said, this was the first time the Gospel had been preached in the camp. Many of the refugees gave their lives to Christ that day!

 Brett also traveled to Malta and met with leaders from seven local churches to confirm plans for the first-ever evangelistic outreach festival to be held on the island this September. Hopefully, the festival will embolden and encourage Malta’s small minority of 800 Christians to begin reaching out to the greater population of 400,000 and the many tourists and migrants that visit the island.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support in spreading the Gospel! We ask that you continue to pray for the new believers in these countries and for the local churches as they follow up with them. To God be the glory!

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Golf Tournament 2016

The annual benefit golf tournament raises money for the general fund of Reid Saunders Association. Through generous corporate sponsorships, fees and gifts, more than $8,000 was raised for the ministry in 2016. Thank you to all participants, donors and sponsors!

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Guatemala 2016

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Thailand – Myanmar 2015

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