God is on the move.

His work is evident all over the world, as more and more people surrender to Christ and His Kingdom grows. Take a look below and see how God is moving in the world today.

Last updated 5/18/17

Myanmar: addicts find freedom

Addicts in Myanmar are finding freedom through a local recovery center that preaches the Gospel. One alcoholic father overcame his addiction, accepted Christ, and is now committed to volunteering at the center in order to help others.

Phillippines: missionaries reach remote tribes, push past terrorists

Indigenous missionaries on the island of Mindanao passed through dangerous areas where Islamist extremists and communist guerrillas posed a major threat. They reached remote tribal villagers and as a result, saw many come to Christ, including animists, government officials, and communist guerrillas.

Azerbaijan: three Christians freed from notorious prison

Three Christian men arrested for evangelizing in Iran have been recently released from one of the world’s most notorious prisons.

India: pastor shares Christ through Christmas parties

An Indian pastor began coordinating Christmas parties in India, which were used as a tool to share the Gospel with those who attend. Today, the Christmas parties are held all throughout India by many other evangelists. In 2010, over 50,000 parties were held, and today, the parties are still considered one of the most effective methods of evangelism in India.

Burma: Franklin Graham shares Gospel to thousands

Hundreds of local Myanmar churches joined together to host Franklin Graham’s recent festival in Yangoon. More than 7,600 people responded to the Gospel.

Photo: Voice of the Martyrs

China: Christian mother released from labor camp

Cheng Jie, a Christian mother and kindergarten director, was arrested in 2014 for her use of religious curriculum. She spent the subsequent two years in jail, but was recently released to be reunited with her family and two children.

India: temple prostitutes find new hope in Christ

A local ministry in India rescues women and girls who are bound into temple prostitution. These women, who previously “served Hindu gods” are now being given a new home with safety, food, clothing, and medicine. Meanwhile, these women and children receive hope through the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Thailand: leadership training for tribal people

Tribal converts in Thailand have received Christian leadership training by organization FARMS International, who have helped the people learn how to farm more efficiently. This community development has freed up pastors, who now have more time to minister to a country made up primarily of Buddhists.

Japan: Gospel radio finally allowed to broadcast

Japan–of its 130 million people, less than one percent are evangelical Christians. However, after a 2011 tsunami and earthquake, Japanese radio station managers were finally willing to allow Trans World Radio (TWR) to broadcast 50 hours of four locally produced Gospel programs. Now, the organization is able to assist the local church even beyond radio.

India: Ministry plants 12 churches and sees 1,160 people come to Christ

An indigenous ministry is working among the Bhuiya in Jarkhand state, who worship the earth, sun, cobra, and the “spirit” of a nearby mountain. Less than one-tenth of the tribe claims to be Christian. The ministry has shared the Gospel with more than 2,800 native people and continues to fight in spiritual battle.

China: new Christian schools open

Chinese and American Christians are teaming together to found more Christian schools in new locations in China, despite government restrictions on religion. They hope to provide students with an education that is faith-based.

Russia: churches pray and react against new evangelism restrictions

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, approved a new anti-terrorism law this week that will limit sharing of faith to designated church buildings. Religious minorities and protestants who meet in homes fear the implications of this law, and many churches refuse to comply.

Laos: Christians risk lives for the sake of the Gospel

Two Hmong Christians were arrested by Laotian Authorities when they sought permission to speak the Gospel message. Authorities were concerned that if the men shared the Gospel, the tribal people might convert to Christianity. However, the two men carried out their sentences with faith and are now actively sharing the Gospel in Laos.

Tibet: more than 200,000 Buddhists surrender to Christ

Within this last year, more than an estimated 200,000 Buddhists have come to Christ as a result of one Tibetan Buddhist priest choosing to follow Jesus. In the aftermath of a recent earthquake, the priest was moved to convert after seeing Christian workers provide aid and relief to the people of Tibet. Read the original report by Joe Handley here.

India: evangelism spreads amidst persecution

Massive evangelistic events are being held in Kandhamal, the very same district where Christians were once fleeing the lethal attacks of Hindu extremists. Even while the attacks still continue and societal persecution still exists, the number of new believers continues to increase against all odds.

Turkey: Gospel advances despite high resistance

A pastor in Turkey decided to limit invitations to his church’s Christmas day celebration in light of recent terrorist attacks. But hundreds more showed up, undeterred by the threat of terrorism. The missionaries rejoiced as several nonbelievers in the audience accepted Christ.

Photo courtesy of Life Matters Worldwide via Facebook

Slovenia: proclaiming life to combat high abortion rates

Ministry Life Matters Worldwide recently conducted two pro-life conferences in Eastern Europe, which has one of the highest abortion rates in the world: 38% of pregnancies in 2015 ended in abortion. This ministry covered pregnancy care, elderly ministry, healing for the sick, quality of life for the disabled, sexual trafficking, poverty, and primarily — the fullness of life to be found in Christ.

Turkey: man faces Islamic hostility with forgiveness

A young Christian man native to Morocco known as Brother Rachid is facing Islamic hostility with a gentle spirit. Having started a Christian T.V. broadcast in 2006, he has been targeted as a traitor to the Islamic faith and is thus persecuted. Meanwhile, his program has helped bring thousands of Muslims to Christ.

France: revival breaks out in Nantes

Traveling from all over Europe, people gathered at the Grande Conference in Nantes, France to call Europe back to Christ. Sources report that thousands have surrendered to Christ as a result and that revival has broken out.

Texas: more than 1,600 accept Christ

In north-central Texas, 350 churches are working together in a movement called “reviveTX,” in which participants share the Gospel with people in the DFW Metroplex until Pentecost. So far, over 1,600 have accepted Christ.

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Mississippi: destruction followed by salvation for many

After a tornado tore through the town of Durant, Samaritan’s Purse arrived to help rebuild and share the Gospel. As a result, more than two dozen people gave their lives to Christ in less than two weeks.

Virginia: mom shares Christ, feeds over 30,000 through coupons

One Virginia mom made a goal to feed over 30,000 people before she turned 30. Her motto: Love God. Love Others. Serve the World. She did just that–through coupons.

U.S.: Record low for Abortions in most recent report

A new report reveals that the annual number of abortions dropped below 1,000,000 for the first time since 1975. In 2014, the last year measured by Guttmacher Institute, there were 926,190 abortions in America.

North Carolina: two black and white congregations merge

Two Pastors in Charlotte, North Carolina, have decided to join together their white and black congregations with the hope of changing the atmosphere of racial unrest to one of unity and love.

US: MMA fighter surrenders to Jesus, follows Him to the Congo

MMA fighter Willie Peterson surrendered His life to God and found himself freed from a previous life of drugs, addiction, alcohol, and partying. With his new hope, God led him to witness to a Pygmy tribe in the Congo.

Texas: prison ministry reaches America's "Prison City"

Huntsville, Texas is known as America’s “Prison City,” with roughly a quarter of its population incarcerated. First Baptist Church in Huntsville is taking up the much needed task of ministering to both those inside and outside the penitentiary walls.

Oregon: thousands join to petition against kindergarten satanic club

All across the nation Christians are working together to stop a Satanic temple from starting an after-school satanic club in an elementary school in Portland.

U.S.: 400 babies saved from death by one group

Pro-live activists all over the country have joined together in the 40 Days for Life campaign, standing outside of abortion clinics and asking to pray with the women going in. As a result, over 400 babies have been saved from death.

Houston: two pastors unite, serving at-risk kids

Two pastors in Houston have joined their racially homogenous congregations together, working side by side to drive out gangs and drugs through work with elementary schools, tutoring programs, and single mothers and dropouts. They have gained the support of thousands of volunteers as well as the support of the Mayor’s office and local businesses.

Nebraska: student fights for right to pro-life club

At Gretna High School, Junior Bridget Christenson is challenging her school’s decision to deny her pro-life club’s presence during school hours. The club is part of Students for Life of America, which seeks to end abortion by providing students with the training and resources to help educate others as well. The school deemed the club too “religious” and “controversial.”

Texas: churches of West help rebuild town

Three years ago, a local fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas, shaking the town at the magnitude of a 2.1 magnitude earthquake. Fifteen were found dead, 200 injured, and many buildings leveled. That’s when the local churches stepped in, and since then, many have come to saving faith.

Photo Courtesy of FCBH

New Mexico: organization records New Testament in 1,000 languages

Based in New Mexico, Faith Comes by Hearing is an organization that has just finished recording New Testament audio dramas in 1,000 languages–which means that 83% of the world’s population now has the New Testament in audio and the Bible in text. The organization is part of a greater movement that hopes to have a scripture translation for every world language by the year 2030.

Courtesy of SoupMobile

Texas: Soupmobile shares Christ with thousands through street ministry

David Timothy quit his job in 2003 to begin the SoupMobile ministry, which now distributes over 200,000 meals a year and offers the homeless of Dallas counseling, job placement, clothing assistance, and a place to worship.

West Virginia: volunteers help after flood, 53 people accept Christ

Nearly 720 volunteers from Samaritan’s Purse responded to a deadly West Virginia flood in June by helping homeowners prepare their homes for repair. As a result of their loving efforts, 53 people made the decision to follow Christ.

Photo: Samaritan's Purse

Mexico: unreached people receive the Gospel

In the Sierra Madre Mountains, the Nahuatl people were reached with the Gospel by pastor José, who came bearing Christmas Shoe Boxes. That very evening, 99 people gave their lives to Christ.

Peru: Satanist turns to Christ, begins new life

A man belonging to a cult of Satanists in Peru, who was sent out to destroy a large church, could not resist the power of God and chose to receive Christ as His savior. He took shelter in the church and began a new life as a follower of God.

Photo courtesy of Crossroad Bible Institute

Guatemala: prison guards unite with police to study Scripture

Crossroads Bible Institute is currently providing a Bible study program for 150 Guatemalan prison guards and policemen. Their lives are changing as a result, and that in turn changes the culture of a country where jails are 250% filled beyond their capacity.

Guatemala: young program provides care for families in Chimaltanengo

The Comprehensive Care Center, a program begun by Orphan Outreach, is providing comprehensive care for families who live in extreme poverty. These families must work 12-14 hour days in order to earn 3-4 dollars a day. The program strengthens families by providing educational support, Bible studies, and basic living necessities.

Brazil: ministering to Rio Olympic atheletes

Athletes in Action, a ministry team with around 100 multilingual staff, currently has the unique opportunity of ministering to the athletes gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The staff engages with the athletes in their own language, offering chapel services, prayer time, Bible studies, and evangelistic material.

Photo Courtesy: Set Free Ministries

Uganda: new school frees town from rule of witch doctor

Gospel organization Set Free Ministries recently built a new school in a small town in Uganda, replacing land once belonging to a local witch doctor. A now full-fledged primary school recognized by the government, the school has grown exponentially and developed into a symbol of hope and freedom for the community.

Photo: Voice of the Martyrs

Sudan: Czech missionary sentenced for life freed

A missionary sentenced for life in Sudan for allegedly spying against the state has been pardoned by President Omar al-Bashir. He had remained 445 days in prison, where he says he was humiliated, beaten, and blasted with frigid air, losing more than 50 pounds.

Sudan: pastor freed

Rev. Kuwa Shamal Abazmam has been freed from a Sudanese prison, where he had been jailed for over a year, facing serious charges. Two other pastors are still being held until their charges are dropped.

Liberia: ministry brings new smiles

In the first week of December, Samaritan’s Purse sent a medical team to ELWA hospital in Liberia, where they performed a week of cleft lip and palate surgeries for 38 men, women, and children in need.

Malawi: man and wife undergo radical transformation in Christ

Rashid M’Balaka, after meeting an evangelist named Joseph, gave his life to Christ and underwent a major life transformation. As one who used to beat his wife and dig up human bones to sell for ancestors worship, Rashid became a new creation in Christ–leading his wife to Jesus in the process.

Photo courtesy of Set Free via Facebook

Kenya: organization rescues women and children from trafficking

Set Free International began its work in Kenya a few years ago, when the organization received an email from a Kenyan contact that a Christian orphanage was being used as a front for sex trafficking. These 24 young girls were rescued by the organization, and it has saved another 100 Kenyans over the last few years.

Uganda: oldest living tribe experiences revival

In the Bwindi Forest of Uganda, the country’s oldest living tribe the Batwa Pygmies is beginning to accept Jesus Christ. A couple who moved nearby the tribe to begin a ministry has now baptized scores of Pygmies, who have founded first Christian Pygmy church. At times, the church sees thousands of attendees.

Haiti: Christians Worship God after Hurricane

Even after hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti, hundreds of Christians gave thanks and worshipped God the following Sunday. They rejoiced together in Christ in the midst of damaged sanctuaries.

Kenya: revival results in thousands accepting Christ

More than 640 missionaries gathered in the village Kakamega to minister to the people in practical ways while sharing the Gospel. Within 10 days, 6,944 people chose to follow Christ.

South Sudan: 512 churches planted, new generation of disciples

Pastors express their appreciation for the building of over 500 new churches by Samaritan’s Purse through the Church Reconstruction Program from 2005 to 2012. These churches were rebuilt after the destruction of a two-decades long civil war. Now, the ministry is providing evangelism and discipleship training for members.

Photo: VOM: Christians in Niger worship just days after angry mobs burned their churches.

Niger: church training for the persecuted

The Voice of the Martyr recently funded training for 120 churches in Niger, where 94% of the population is Muslim and where Christians are highly persecuted. The churches received the resources to share the Gospel as well as respond to persecution.

Tanzania: 114,960 choose to follow Christ

Over four days of evangelistic meetings, 114,960 people have chosen to give their lives to Christ in Mwanza, Tanzania, a result of the evangelistic outreach of the Christ for all Nations mission team.

Nigeria: Chibok receives Bibles

Voice of the Martyrs has recently distributed Bibles to the town of Chibok, the same place Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls from a school two years ago. Amazingly, the demand for Bibles outnumbered their supply, so another distribution is currently being planned.

South Sudan: hospital in Sudan remains compassionate in turmoil

A Samaritan’s Purse hospital run in South Sudan by a lone full-time surgeon continues to provide care and the Gospel Message to a country steeped in danger and turmoil.

Liberia: program provides support and new life for Ebola survivors

After Ebola ravaged Liberia, Samaritans Purse created a program that is now providing survivors with vocational training, support, and the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Two hundred survivors have enrolled in the program and are receiving Biblical encouragement.

Kenya: ministry presses forward for Christ

A ministry based in Kenya shares the Gospel in places where there is no Christian presence–areas of violent tribal conflict and common bandits. The team has shared Christ with 17 new villages and has witnessed 342 people surrender to Him.

Iraq: young teen rescued by missionaries crossing enemy lines

In Mosul, two American missionaries passed through ISIS territory and dodged bullets to rescue a young girl who had been trapped under concrete for three days. Watch the video by clicking below.

Pakistan: man risks life to bring family to Jesus

In 2016, Habib shared the Gospel with his Muslim family, and in response, they threw him from the top of a building. But Habib survived, and due to his demonstration of love and forgiveness toward his family, many of the members were baptized in 2017.

Growing number of Jews accept Jesus as a result of Gospel videos

As a result of one ministry’s video production of Jewish testimonies and Gospel explanation, a movement for Christ has begun among the Jewish people. According to a flood of feedback, many have responded by accepting Jesus as the Messiah.

ISIS leader finds Jesus, changes heart

In an attempt to lure and kill a team member from a Christian television ministry, ISIS leader “Muhammed” ended up surrendering his life to God instead.

Israel: Christian miraculously survives terrorist bus attack

Boarding a Jerusalem bus, Marike Veldman, a Dutch woman who moved to Jerusalem to become a foster mother to Arab children, narrowly escaped a brutal terrorist attack by two Palestinian men.

Middle East: Muslims continue to choose Christ in unprecedented numbers

Pastors ministering to refugees are continuing to report unprecedented numbers of Muslims converting to Christianity.

Syria: witness of Christian remnants transforms Muslim lives

Despite continued fighting between the Syrian army and anti-government forces in the city of Aleppo, 10% of Christian church members remain and are sharing the love of Christ with their Muslim neighbors. Their kindness and love is causing many Muslims to question Islam and hostility toward Christians.

Iraq: Christian students escape ISIS terrorists

Thirty Christian girls were rescued from an ISIS terrorist attack, as Iraqi special forces successfully retrieved each girl without the terrorists noticing. These terrorists rushed into the Christian school, heavily armed with explosive belts. “The Lord blinded the terrorists,” Bishop Touma says.

Iraq: troops prepare liberation, Christians "Thank Christ"

Iraqi special forces are currently preparing to retake Mosul, one of the largest Christian towns in the country, back from ISIS. Hundreds of Christians who had sought safety in the Kurdistan region sang and danced in the capitol city, thanking Christ for the expected liberation of their home city.

Middle East: newly baptized escape militants through dust storm

After three days of prayer and fasting, 50 newly baptized Christians experienced God’s protection as they fled from militants pursuing their bus. They escaped as a giant dust storm appeared and overtook the militants.

Photo: Open Doors

Iraq: Christian Iraqi girl finds peace in God in midst of displacement

In 2014, Iraqi girl Athraa and her family fled their home in Qaraqosh just before the town was attacked and occupied by Islamic State. Two year later, She is a completely new person and has found the peace of Christ, even in the midst of ongoing displacement.

Iran: the fastest growing church in the world

After the Iranian revolution of 1979, many feared that the tiny Iranian church would be completely wiped out due to persecution. In fact, over the last 20 years, more Iranians have become Christian than in the last 13 centuries combined. This makes Iran home to the fastest growing church in the world.

Syria: church helps bring the displaced to Christ

As more and more displaced people flood Syria’s coastal region, an indigenous ministry is making plans to build a new church in the town of Tartus, where 700,000 people have fled from other parts of Syria. The ministry’s 15 workers will visit the tents and homes of the displaced to deliver food, medical care, and of course, the Gospel.

Israel: a call to speak up for persecuted Middle Eastern Christians

The U.S. State Department has finally declared that ISIS is currently committing a genocide against Christians in the Middle East. Now there comes a call to Western Christians to speak up for their Eastern brothers and sisters.

Saudi Arabia: Muslims convert to Christianity despite growing persecution

In Saudi Arabia, all forms of religious expression beside Islam are not tolerated–even Atheism. But Muslims continue to convert and follow Christ.


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