Reid Saunders Association is taking the message of the cross to the ends of the earth… all for Jesus! Our mission is two-fold: evangelism and building up the Body of Christ. The goal is to promote unity and cooperation among local churches, train and equip evangelistic teams, and to partner with local churches to make disciples. We do this by saturating communities through city-wide festivals, by targeting unreached people groups, and by providing humanitarian aid for those in need. Most importantly, we invite people into a personal relationship with Christ.

In 15 years of ministry, (2002-2017) Reid Saunders and his team have delivered a message of hope to 152 million people through radio and television interviews, and to over 3.2 million people in 80 countries through face-to-face presentations of the Good News. Over 225,000 have made decisions to follow Jesus Christ and are being discipled through trained local churches. Medical teams have treated and ministered to more than 21,000 people in Uganda, Sudan, India, Romania, Guatemala, Ghana, Honduras, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Myanmar, Thailand, and Peru.

Reid Saunders Association Timeline

Soon after graduating from Western Baptist College (now Corban University) and Multnomah Seminary, and interning with Luis Palau Association, Reid was anxious to get started on his evangelistic ministry.

2002: Reid and Carmen with son Azlan, the year they started the ministry.

2002: Reid Speaking at evangelistic festival in India

2002: Reid demonstrates his 360 spin move for dramatic emphasis at Kayunga, Uganda festival.

2002: Making new friends in Kayunga

2004: Staging for Uganda festival

2004: Team poses for picture on the Equator in route to the Uganda festival

2004: Uganda children respond to the gospel

2004: Brandon and Stacy Schmidgall formed the first medical team in Uganda

2006: Planes, Trains, and Automobile Team in Madrai, India

2006: European outreaches to England, and Ireland

2006: Affinity events in Poland

2006: Festival in Maduri, India

2006: Jamaica festival

2007: Reid Speaking at Salem Rivefest, largest evangelistic outreach event in Salem history

2007: Refugee camps in Gulu, Ughanda appear to be the ``Ends of the Earth``

2007: Gulu, Uganda team prepared for action

2007: Festival in Red Hills, India, where many had never heard the name of Jesus

2008: Medical team in action, Uganda/Rwanda Africa

2009: Reid's first time speeking at Creation Fest in George, WA

2009: Medical team provides medical care for prison guards and inmates in war-torn Sudan

2009: Thousands respond to the gospel invitation at the Yei, South Sudan festival

2010: Outreach in Senapati, India

2010: Festival in Ecuador

2010: Creation East and West Festivals

2011: New church is born in Ghana with believers from drum shop

2011: Brett helps with rice harvest in route to Chirala, India festival

2011: Outreach festivals in Ecuador

2011: Drama team performs for Ecuador school children

2011: Festival in Nepal ministers to Bhutanese refugeess

2012: Ghana Fest

2012: Ghana Fest Team

2012: Sri Lanka school children listen intently to presentation

2012: Reid makes friends during Sri Lanka outreach

2012: Guatemala Outreach

2013: Ethiopia Outreach

2013: Prayer for decision-maker at Honduras festival

2013: India outreach into areas of incredible poverty

2013: Crowds gather for action sports performance at Ethiopia festival

2013: Reid presents gospel at Russian affinity events

2013: Columbia Riverfest, St Helens, OR

2013: Team ministers to the poor in dump-workers community in Guatemala

2013: Office staff

2014: Dominican Fest team entertains children with wordless bracelets

2014: Reid giving message at Caesarea during Israel tour

2014: Festival crowd enjoys musical presentation in Guatemala

2014: First year of Reid Saunders Benefit golf tournament

2014: Team from Salem prepares for trip to Tak,Thailand

2014: Team presents the gospel through drama to Burmese refugees in the mountain village on the Thailand border

2015: Outreach festival in Oaxaca, Mexico

2015: More than 7000 come to Christ during Cordoba, Argentina festival

2015: Affinity events in Italy, Macedonia, and Bulgaria provide an effective means to present the gospel

2015: Reid presenting a gospel invitation in Homa Bay, Kenya

2015: LifeFest in Wisconsin

2015: Reid and Azlan visit Peru, attend pastors conference in preparation for upcoming festival in Villa El Salvador.

2015: Alaska fishing Trip

2016: Outreach to Cambodia and Laos

2016: Thousands respond to the gospel at festivals in Dejabon, Dominican Republic and Ouanaminthe, Haiti

2016: Reid with Nick Hall at Together 2016, Washington DC

2016: Reid speaks to an estimated 500,000 people gathered at the Washington DC Mall

2016: Lifelight, South Dakota

2016: Malawi festival

2016: Affinity outreach events in Moldova and Ukraine

2016: Myanmar opens it's doors to the gospel after more than 50 years. Thousands come to Christ.

2016: Staff retreat at the coast

2017: RSA celebrates 15 year Anniversary

2017: Ministering to families with special needs children in Croatia and Serbia affinity events

Laura Morett, board member and television star, hosts Annual Benefit Dessert

2017: RSA brings Russian, Spanish and English speaking churches together for historic Willamette Valley Gathering on the National Day of Prayer

2017: Students respond the the gospel message of hope in Villa El Salvador, Peru

2017: Love Malta festival provided a boost to local churches that had not seen dramatic growth in many years

2017: Reid met with church leaders in Seoul, Korea and Indonesia to formulate plans for future evangelistic outreaches.

2107: The Saunders family after 15 years of ministry.