Reid Saunders Association is taking the message of the cross to the ends of the earth… all for Jesus! Our mission is two-fold: evangelism and building up the Body of Christ. The goal is to promote unity and cooperation among local churches, train and equip evangelistic teams, and to partner with local churches to make disciples. We do this by saturating communities through city-wide festivals, by targeting unreached people groups, and by providing humanitarian aid for those in need. Most importantly, we invite people into a personal relationship with Christ.

In 15 years of ministry, (2002-2017) Reid Saunders and his team have delivered a message of hope to 152 million people through radio and television interviews, and to over 3.2 million people in 79 countries through face-to-face presentations of the Good News. Over 225,000 have made decisions to follow Jesus Christ and are being discipled through trained local churches. Medical teams have treated and ministered to more than 21,000 people in Uganda, Sudan, India, Romania, Guatemala, Ghana, Honduras, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Myanmar, Thailand, and Peru.