We rarely ask for relief help for natural disasters; however, since the situation in Haiti was so dire, the Board of Directors saw the need to make an exception.

Matt and Pam McCormick are missionary friends who live in Fort Liberte, Haiti.  They greatly helped us by providing lodging and food for 37 members of our team when we were in Haiti at the beginning of this year. 

They are still working on providing disaster relief to thousands of homeless families that Hurricane Matthew left behind on the Haiti peninsula. The McCormicks are using funds to purchase bottled water, food, tarps, and metal sheets for roofing to deliver to the hard-to-reach affected areas. As of November 18, 2016, through the help of generous donors, RSA has raised $3,000 to contribute directly to their efforts. 

The following is a recent report from Matt McCormick:

“Warm greetings from Haiti,

My heart is full and I’m without words, as I consider the generosity of so many in response to the devastation left by Hurricane Matthew here in Haiti.

What started as sending a truckload of food, scaled up quickly in three weeks to more than $200,000 in relief efforts. Our team delivered more than $90,000 in food, $80,000 in tarps, and $40,000 in roofing. We worked with 25 other ministries, serving dozens of communities in the hardest hit areas along the south coast. Now, we continue to develop relevant housing and building technology. Truly, we don’t know where all this is heading, God does.

I pray our work quietly fades into the backdrop of Christ’s sacrificial love for us, and His salvation known by many.

In awe of Him, Matt McCormick”