Zomba, Malawi: Invading the Darkness

God is leading RSA to minister in Malawi, a country of 15.9 million, with 85% living on less than one dollar a day. Malawi is home to one of the world’s most prevalent cases of HIV-Aids. More than one million children have been left orphaned because of the disease, and one in three people are HIV positive. While battling the loss of tens of thousands of people each year on account of HIV-Aids, Malawi is also fighting to rise from decades of underdevelopment and government corruption. Furthermore, while 66% of the country claims to be Christian, Islam has been growing quickly and makes up 17% of the population—the highest percentage of Islam of any country of south Africa.

Bringing Hope

God has paved the way for our team! From August 10 to 17, Reid Saunders and Phil Strom will be in Malawi to minister to the people. The trip will begin with two evangelistic festivals, providing Reid the opportunity to share the Gospel. On the final day in Malawi, the team plans to serve at a prison as well as speak to local churches.

Reid and Phil’s time in Zomba is a part of the Love Malawi campaign being held by Andrew Palau and Luis Palau Association. In an effort to bring unity to the church in Malawi and to reach out with the Gospel, over 700 churches are working together from August 5th through August 24th to hold various evangelistic events in five of Malawi’s larger cities. Evangelists will also minister to the Dzaleka Refugee Camp, in which people from Ethiopia, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are housed. Love Malawi will end with two festivals held in the fields by Maula Prison in the capitol city of Lilongwe, where Andrew Palau will share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Phil, as he plans his first overseas trip in a leadership role: that God would continue to provide and guide him in the preparation process
  • For Reid and Phil make it to the festival early enough on Friday night for Reid to speak
  • For the 200 pastors that came to training to be united. For them to encourage believers and non-believers to come to the festivals
  • For the people’s hearts to be prepared to receive the Gospel and surrender to Christ 
  • For good weather during the festivals as well as safety and health for the team

Your Prayers for Malawi:

“O Lord, you love the people of Malawi. You have seen their suffering and I believe that you are sending Christians to bring relief. Open their hearts to hear your Word and to receive your free gift of grace. I lift up Reid and Phil and pray that you would go with them, guiding them, and making the path clear and smooth. Let there be no delays in their travels so that they arrive in time. Let your anointing be upon them as they speak and may your message of love be clear. Lord, Elijah prayed for a drought, and for 3 1/2 years it did not rain. Then he prayed for rain 7 times, and then it rained. Lord we pray that the rains would stop for the festivals, that the ground would be dry, and that weather would in no way hinder the gospel message from being preached or heard. Compel the people to come and hear the truth about your love, your Son, and your mercy. Let there be a great harvest that will begin a mighty revival in Malawi that will lead to healing and relief from famine, sickness, poverty, and persecution. Show them your love, your glory, your mercy, and your grace. Amen”

Aug. 10 – 7:58 AM

“Abba, we cry out for You to draw the people of Zomba to Jesus. Please grant Reid and Phil favor in every step of their journey, keep them and Your people safe, and bring a harvest of souls. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Aug. 9 – 10:35

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