Sept. 15 - 17

Please Pray:

  • For the Lord to prepare the hearts of the Maltese people to hear the Gospel and surrender to Jesus Christ
  • For the remaining trip preparations to come together quickly
  • For God to prepare the 45 team members’ hearts for evangelism
  • For the 45 recently trained pastors and church leaders to effectively motivate their congregations take part in the festival
  • For God to guide the team, granting them his wisdom as they go where he leads
  • That the local church would be encouraged and emboldened in its outreach to others
  • That new believers would be nurtured in their relationship with Christ after the festival ends

A Field Ripe for Harvest

Currently there are an estimated 800 believers and only seven evangelical churches in Malta. That is why local AOG missionaries, Brent and Renea Liebe, with all seven churches, have agreed to partner together, inviting Reid Saunders Association and Josh Brewer of LifeLight to direct an evangelistic outreach near the capitol city in Ta’ Qali National Park. Our goal is to spread the Good News within the 8×18-mile island and hopefully reach more than 20,000 people within a week of ministry.

Malta: the seeds of evangelical Christianity

A small island country in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta lies south of Sicily, Italy. Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with over 2,000 people per square mile. The country, currently part of the European Union, is a regional center for business and a major tourist destination. Click to read more about Malta's religion, economic hardships, and rich history.


 The official religion of Malta is Roman Catholicism. While 98% of the population identifies as Catholic, only about 3/5 of these practice their faith. Even so, Malta has the highest Catholic Church attendance rate in the world. Religious toleration is upheld, and 2% of the people are made up of Jews, Muslims, and Christian communities. In recent years, individualism has grown in popularity among the Maltese, resulting in more of a shift to materialism and secularism—perspectives leading to the pursuit of pleasure. The Christian population is quite small and relatively new to the faith.


While Malta’s GDP growth remains strong, its free market economy relies heavily on trade with other countries for much-needed resources. The country has limited fresh water, has few energy sources, and produces less than a quarter of its own food requirements. Furthermore, immigration produces another challenge, as more people try to enter Europe (an increasing 2,000 per year). These numbers could eventually overwhelm Malta’s small population and further strain its limited access to resources.


This little island has a rich history, with evidence for habitation going back to the Neolithic era (4th millennium BC). The Neolithic temples, some of the world’s most ancient buildings still stand there. Through the years, Malta has been occupied by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and recently, by France and Britain. Independence from Britain came in 1964, when the Maltese people received the George Cross award for defending the island during World War II. 

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