ONE Prayer Movement is a gathering of the Salem area Body of Christ for the purpose of prayer, unity, seeking God, and revival.

We are seeking God’s leading and direction in uniting the church body of Salem and gathering together for a season of prayer. There will be monthly city wide prayer meetings, as well as a weekly noon prayer meeting. These prayer meetings are open events for all Christians in the Salem area to gather and pray. Listed below are ways to get involved and unite as the Body of Christ.

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Click here to see the proposed meeting schedule for the ONE Prayer Movement in Salem.

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Franklin Graham is “going to every state in our country to challenge Christians to live out their faith at home, in public and at the ballot box.”

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 Join a prayer team or subscribe to Share-A-Prayer emails to help pray for RSA’s role in furthering God’s kingdom worldwide.

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“David’s Tent Oregon is a statewide gathering of the body of Christ for 10 days of worship and prayer for the purpose of humbly seeking the Lord.”

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Willamette Valley churches will unite on the National Day of Prayer–all generations, all denominations, and all backgrounds.

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This group is open to anyone that wants to unite Willamette Valley churches through unified prayer meetings. Join the group by clicking “Join Group.”