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Peru Family Festival 2017

Hope to spread in the unlikely city

Reid Saunders Association members work with 200 local pastors in Villa El Salvador

RSA is planning a mission outreach to the district of Villa El Salvador, Peru, where over 200 local churches are preparing to receive and work with the organization. From April 22 to May 2, 2017, the team will carry out various outreach ministries, and the trip will conclude with three days of evangelistic festivals.

In cooperation with three other ministry partners, RSA will serve in the district’s streets, schools, prisons, orphanages, and local churches. The team will share the Gospel as they administer medical care, distribute clothing, and manage the festivals.

Local churches united together in order to bring more hope to their city, inviting RSA to come and share the Gospel with those who are hurting. With an increase in gang activity, child abuse, drug use, and mistreatment of women, there is a serious need for medical and spiritual help for the people of Villa El Salvador.

As a low income district on the outskirts of Lima, Villa El Salvador surprised many in its urban social development. What started in 1971 as a designated plot of parched desert land for those who had chosen to move from the slums of Lima, grew from a town of 7,000 to city of 500,000. Many of the homes today have running water, electricity, and even a few paved roads.

Despite areas of apparent prosperity, this unlikely city’s well developed areas are accompanied by surrounding zones of shanty towns made up of makeshift shacks. These areas, according to local papers and most guidebooks, are the most dangerous to visit in all of Peru.

However the RSA team is confident that God is sovereign. His purpose will be carried out regardless of circumstance, as they leave to share the Gospel with those hurting in the impoverished district of Villa El Salvador.

Saunders founded RSA in 2002, which has proclaimed the Gospel to more than 67 million people across the world. He has ministered in more than 75 nations at festivals, conferences, and outreach events. Saunders is also the author of “Life to the Fullest” and “All for Jesus! Making Your Life Count for Christ.” Read more about Reid Saunders and his new book “Active8” at