Europe’s Poorest Find Treasure in Heaven

October 13 – 20, 2016

In the poorest country in Europe, where unemployment, and alcohol use, and human trafficking are widespread, RSA team members Reid, Brett, and Seth Buechley joined Luis Palau Association to preach the Gospel to the people of Moldova—a country home to many evangelicals persecuted by the orthodox majority.

From October 13-20, the team spent seven days in both Moldova and Ukraine to minister to six cities through 54 events. Every day, the team spoke to church-gathered audiences at luncheons and dinners, simply sharing the Good News of Christ. They served a wide variety of people from varying backgrounds: the disabled, police, armed forces, firemen, prisoners, medical professionals, students, businesses, teenagers, couples, prisoners, single mothers, widows, and women abused or trapped in human trafficking.

During one of the dinner events, 50 to 70% of the attendees were nonbelievers, and between 40 and 50% gave their lives to Christ. Many churches and pastors were encouraged throughout the trip. One pastor approached Reid after a couple’s event with tears in his eyes. He said, “This is amazing. We’ve been doing street evangelism for years but we weren’t seeing fruit. I was beginning to wonder—is there a better way?” Then he looked over his shoulder at the results of what God had done at the event and said, “Yes! This is the way!”

Later on, Reid preached the Gospel to a deaf community. As he recited the sinner’s prayer, inviting them to receive Christ, he happened to open his eyes. He looked and saw many people signing the prayer to surrender to Jesus and was deeply moved.

“I’ll never forget that as long as I live,” he says. “I was reminded about how Jesus came to seek and save the lost and loves all people.”

As a result of God’s working, hundreds of people chose to follow Jesus over the course of the short, whirlwind trip. Team members, donors, and all those who prayed were instruments in His sovereign purpose to call many to Himself in Moldova and Ukraine. See additional report from NGA  2016 Moldova, Ukraine