RSA Board Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2019

Location: RSA Corporate Office

Board Members Present: Craig Holt, Mike Smith, Steve Hudspeth, Dan Hill, Brian White, Mark Rempel, Rich Valette, Steve Blehm, Justin Greene, Reid Saunders and Doug Terpening

Board Members Absent: Laura Morett and Clay Robertson

Staff: Kellan Sawyer

Devotion/ Meet the Staff: Kellan Sawyer shared how she came to know the Lord and how God miraculously got to Reid Saunders Association (RSA). She then shared about the prayer ministry she does with RSA. She handed out sample prayer journals from the DR. Dan Hill asked her to send out future prayer journals to board members. Kellan offered the board to join the WhatsApp prayer journal on the next trip. 

Approval of Minutes: The one change to the minutes was that it was Rich Valette that was voted on to be approved as a board member, not Mark Rempel. 

Mike Smith – Motioned to approve the minutes with the change noted above

Craig Holt- Seconded the motion. 

Unanimous approval of the minutes.

Board Notebook Presentation: Dan Hill presented the new Board Notebook. These notebooks are for each board member to keep and add. The Table of Contents to the Board Notebook is below. Thanks to Dan Hill for his work to create the documents and the vision for the notebooks. Thanks to Ruth Daniels and Lisa Fordyce for working to print and put these together. The board requested that a 3 hole punch be brought to the board meetings. Mark Rempel’s cell is incorrect, it should be (503) 551-8799. Clay’s notebook will be mailed to him. 

Presentation of reports

  • President’s report: Reid shared about the incredible outreaches in the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. There are already over 33,000 responses in 2019, which is more than any prior year ever for RSA and it is only the first quarter. He shared the DR impact report and the Philippines report. (President report below)
  • Executive Director Report:  See Executive Director Below

Old Business:

  • No old business

New Business:

  • First Item: Corban Resolution
    • Summary of Discussion: Doug Terpening shared the facts of the latest proposal from Corban University. Corban has a new policy/ guideline that states all changes to current building use must involve generating more revenue than it currently does. The only option for RSA to be in a building on Corban’s campus is to remodel the North Side of the Aagard Dorms. To replace the yearly revenue that Corban gets from student renters of the 24 beds, would be a minimum of $98,313 to $140,000. Plus RSA would need to pay Triple Nets which would be around $0.25/ per square foot. The square footage would be 11,000. So an additional $33,000 annually. Plus RSA would be responsible for maintenance, utilities and grounds. This means RSA would pay at least $2 million to remodel the north half of Aagard and annually pay a rent between $125,000 to $165,000 with a 3% annual increase. The option to build our own building on land donated or even to build a building on land that Corban keeps are no longer options for RSA. Remodelling Aagard became the only option. There was discussion for clarity on how we got to the process. Craig Holt shared that this is a recent policy and that Corban has only recently developed a guideline on how to add someone like RSA to the campus, which is why the change. The board discussed that reality that was not financially possible and would not be honoring to those that gave to continue to give Corban an increasing rental fee. Everyone wanted to keep the partnership alive with Corban. Reid and Doug confirmed that Corban wants to keep the partnership alive and will look for ways to connect Reid and the students. Reid shared how he is at peace with this change and how he sees other Christian’s Universities being able to engage with RSA at the ACTS Center now that it is off Corban’s campus. Mark Rempel shared that moving away from Corban’s campus allow this to be truly “All” for Jesus. He also shared how he as real peace about this change. Dan Hill asked that resolution be written up and submitted to the board to approve the wording of this change.
  • Action:
    • A motion was made to shut down building effort on Corban’s campus and to start looking for a new spot in Salem, plus create a resolution about the change.
    • The 1st motion was make by Justin Green
    • 2nd Motion by Mike Smith
    • Vote: 100% unanimous
  • Second Item: Board Sub-committee. Dan Hill asked each committee to break up into their group and discuss the changes they want to the proposed committee’s purposes and responsibilities. The Governance committee stayed in the conference room. The Finance and Audit Committee lead by Mike Smith met in RSA Conference room upstairs. The Development Committee met in Doug’s office. Each committee made changes to the initial documents.
    • Action – Development Committee description
      • Craig Holt motioned to approve the Development Committee changes to Point 4 to remove the words “hosting and/or sponsoring”, point 7 to be striked as this is a total board responsibility, points 9 and 11 were suggested to be a part of the finance and audit committee.
      • Discussion: Mike Smith asked that he be able to review points 9 and 11 to see if they apply to the Finance and Audit Committee. It was decided to strike Points 9 and 11 from the Development Committee for now.
      • Rich Vallet second the motion with Mike Smith’s changes
      • Vote: 100% unanimous 
    • Action – Board Governance description
      • Mark Rempel motioned that the document be accepted as is
      • Craig Holt seconded the motion
      • Vote: 100% unanimous
    • Action – Finance & Audit Committee description
      • Mike Smith motioned to accept his revised document of the original description.
      • Craig Holt seconded the motion
      • Vote: 100% unanimous
  • The Board adjourned into Executive Session at 6:15 pm