Board Meeting

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Members present: Paul Null, Brett Butcher, Reid Saunders, Steve Blehm, Mike Smith, Steve Hudspeth, Dan Hill, Scott Mansur, Justin Greene

Staff present: none

President’s Report

Brett and Reid showed the Bolivia video and provided highlights for Brazil.  LReid took his family.  It was a miracle that Azlan was able to go.  Miley got to be involved with a girl that gave her life to Christ.  Lot of people came to Christ in lBrazil and Bolivia.  The team was in areas of unreached peoples.  The hearts of the people were receptive to the gospel.

Capital Campaign Report

Doug is not available for the meeting.  Doug Terpening is almost up to speed after taking over for Caleb.  We have almost $1.4 million committed.  We are still waiting to hear from Murdock foundation.  Once we hit a certain point we will go public with an ask.  Jason and Larry Tokarski are considering a gift of $200,000.  Reid is also talking to Gary Epping about a large commitment.  People are catching the vision.

Dan asked if we should add an additional 10 percent to help with monthly expenses.  Brett will look to update the case to consider adding 10 percent.

Finance Committee

We are okay with cash flow for the current year, but we are going to be $43,000 short in the budget for 2018.  Contributions are down 15-20 percent this year.  We need $73,000 cash in the bank going into 2019 in order to make it to March.  We need to look at our demographics of givers (boomers vs. millennials giving).  Salem Evangelical has stopped giving $1500 per month (they are still giving, but not as high as they were).  First Baptist has picked up some of it.  Doug will be helping do some fundraising.

Dan stated that it is the executive staff’s job to figure out the budget.  It is the Board’s job to make recommendations.  We will finalize the budget at our December 3 Board meeting.  The Finance Committee will need time in advance to review and make a recommendation.  Dan does not feel that RSA employees should be on the Oregon Health Plan.

Health Insurance

We need to develop a health insurance policy so we can give the executive staff direction on what they need to do.  It’s the Board’s obligation to create policy and approve the budget.  The executive team will need to follow the policy and make a recommendation.

We as a Board could deal with this now, or punt it to a later date.  Not all businesses pay full health care.  We want to do the best we possibly can with what our budget can afford.

Tuition Benefit

Reid’s tuition benefit will be discussed in Executive Session.

Reimbursement Policy

Board members need to make sure to review all reimbursements of the President and the Executive Director.  We need to recommend a board member to review the reimbursements.  Dan made a motion to approve the Reimbursement Policy.  Mike seconded the motion.  Steve recommended edits for Brett to make related to “payment of services” and the office director doesn’t necessarily need to be the one to create the contract.


The Board reviewed the final grant requests.  There are no more grants that we are dealing with.

Executive Director’s Report

Brett was able to get the first Next Study subscription for $3,600.  The goals is to get 10 subscriptions for next year.  The Board would like Brett to provide the budgetary needs of Next Study for the next fiscal year.  Brett will include in the budget the needs for Next Study for the next fiscal year.  Right now, there is a $15,000 cost of Next Study.  RSA received a grant for next year for $30,000.

The All for Jesus Accord:  RSA staff got together for a staff retreat and put together the “All for Jesus Accord” that identifies a covenant that staff will abide by.  RSA is now doing a monthly chapel at Salem First Baptist Church.

New Business:

Steve Blehm stated that there has been almost a 100% turnover for the RSA ministry the last couple of years. Steve is going to work with LBrett to review exit interviews and figure out if there is anything we can do to retain employees.

Executive Session (Dismissal of Staff)