Board Meeting

Monday, October 7, 2019

Members present: Steve Blehm, Dan Hill, Craig Holt, Steve Hudspeth, Laura Morett, Mark Rempel, Clay Robertson, Reid Saunders, Doug Terpening, Mike Smith, Rich Valette, Brian White

Staff present: Hannah Georgen, Lisa Fordyce

Hannah Georgen attended the beginning of the Board meeting to present information about herself and why she works at RSA.

Craig Holt made a motion to accept the 8/28/19 Board minutes.  Mike Smith seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Dan reminded Board members of the Conflict of Interest Policy.  No conflicts were raised or addressed.

Finance Committee

The draft budget for RSA should be ready by November 5 or 7.  The Finance Committee needs to meet in mid-November.  Finance Committee members:  Steve Hudspeth, Rich Valette, Mike Smith, Steve Blehm.

Building Task Force

The task force reported that there was a proposal of $150,000 for the land with Modern Building Systems paying the cost of street improvements.  Modern Building Systems now wants to donate land and have $150,000 for development costs.  Sheldon agreed to support the process as the Corban Board allows.  It was reported that the LOI will probably be drafted within 10 days.  Reid expects $500,000 from the Murdock Foundation and will be visiting with more donors to raise funds for the project.

President’s Report

Reid reported on the outreaches in Russia where there is a high suicide rate.  He was able to train 10 evangelists while he was there, and looking forward to training 1,000 people in friendship evangelism.  Craig suggested connecting with the Russian community in Salem.  Belarus and Estonia would like to have a youth festival in 2021.

Reid asked for prayer about the December outreach in Vietnam.  They are expecting 25,000 people each night.

Executive Director’s Report

Doug reported that RSA is doing well financially.  We are over budget for 2019 by $8,000, but have found $4,000 in savings (extra expenses due to unbudgeted outreach of Spirit West Coast).  

RSA received an estate gift of $150,000 for general income.  The year-end fundraising plan is in motion, and we are planning a $50,000 matching challenge.  

Doug announced that we are now planning out to 2022 for international outreaches.  He provided a report and statistics on the outreaches in 2019 and plans for the trips early in 2020.  Dan would like to see the criteria for trips domestically as well; with reports at the Board meeting.

Executive Session (Dismissal of Staff)

The Board was presented with a request for funding spousal travel for the trip to Israel in 2020.  The Board approved $2,250.