Board Meeting

Monday, December 16, 2019

Members present: Dan Hill, Craig Holt, Steve Hudspeth, Mark Rempel, Reid Saunders, Doug Terpening, Mike Smith, Brian White

Reid opened with a devotion from Luke 2. He shared the number of people that accepted Jesus in Ho Chi Minh City.  Reid challenged the Board with this question: “Who do you know that you could share the good news with during the holidays?”

The Board reviewed the minutes from the prior meeting. Brian made a motion to approve. Mike  seconded the motion, and the Board approved.

Board Governance

Dan read the letter of resignation from Steve Blehm, who has resigned after three years of service. Dan also announced that Steve Hudspeth has finished his two 3-year terms. Dan gave the names of Board member candidates:  Mike Pate, Mark Hanke, and Dick Brady. 

Dan talked about the development and training of a governance board. The February meeting will cover these details. Doug will be emailing the Board Policy Manual out to the Board for feedback/review to build it around a governance board.

Finance Committee

Mike presented the 2020 budget for approval. Expenses were up quite a bit due to the addition of two full-time staff members, medical benefits, and adding a retirement plan. Doug reported that RSA expects to have over $300K in reserves at the end of 2019. Craig moved to approve the 2020 budget. Mark seconded the motion. The board approved the 2020 budget.  The Board reviewed the status of the Capital Campaign with no feedback or concerns.

Development Committee

Craig presented simple language on estate gifting.  It identifies that the Board controls the decision of how the funds are used.  Craig moved to approve the language, Mike seconded the motion, and the Board approved it.

Building Task Force

Dan talked about the Letter of Intent to purchase the property ( located in South Salem near Corban) from Cascade Legacy Properties, LLC. The Board members were provided with a  Letter of Intent document which will be presented by Reid to Jim Rasmussen at the end of the week.  Dan made a  motion to give Reid the authority to sign and receive signatures on the Letter of Intent.  Craig seconded the motion, and the Board approved it.

Executive Director Report

Doug presented profiles of the recently hired staff. He also presented sign-up sheets for Board members to be table hosts for the Spring benefit in April.

Meeting Adjourned