Board Meeting

Monday, March 16, 2020

Members present:  Dan Hill, Craig Holt, Scott Mansur, Mark Rempel, Reid Saunders, Mike Smith, Doug Terpening, Rich Valette 

Staff present:  Lisa Fordyce


Reid shared a passage from Proverbs 3:5-6 and opened the meeting with prayer.

Dan asked if there were any changes to the December 16, 2019 or February 21,2020 Board meeting minutes.  There were no changes, and the minutes for both dates were approved unanimously.

Board Candidate

Mark Hanke provided information about himself, and said that he is interested in serving on this Board because he loves Reid and respects Dan and Rich – if they think he has something to offer, then he is willing to consider it.   He also commented that he approves strongly of the Board governance  model and, in his experience, it is best.  Mark was excused so that the Board members could discuss his candidacy.  After discussion, Dan asked for any objections – there were none.  Craig moved to approve Mark Hanke as a new Board member, Mike and Rich seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously. 

Commitment Pledge & Conflict of Interest

Dan distributed the Annual Board Member Commitment Pledge for all Board members to sign.  This will be emailed to everyone later.  Dan also reminded Board members that it is their duty to disclose any potential conflict of interest.  No conflicts were raised.


The Board approved Johnson, Glaze & Co. as the RSA accountant for 2020.  This company is used by Salem First Baptist, and has staff who specialize in non-profits.

Budget & COVID-19

Doug presented a budget amendment proposal to correct employer payroll taxes and vacation earned expenses, as well as adding funds for Board facilitation, a Development Representative, and new communications projects (such as the Annual Report).  These increases can be covered by the Operating Reserve that is currently included in the budget.  There were no concerns expressed.  Rich made a motion to approve the budget amendment, Mike seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

Doug asked the Board members for their opinions on making budget cuts and handling decisions during the crisis.  Doug reported that income from the Benefit was expected to be about $82,000.  Board members provided information on potential financial issues, unemployment benefits, and the possibility of online events instead of live ones.  Board members expressed their confidence in Doug to make the necessary budget adjustments as they are needed.

MacLaren Outreach

Reid reported on his visit to the MacLaren Juvenile Detention Facility and how 10 young men gave their lives to Christ.  The Chaplain at MacLaren holds a bible study and will disciple the new believers.

Name Change

Craig reported that he spoke with three people about the name change (two who have experience with branding for churches).  They individually made similar observations:

  1. The message from Reid stands alone (does not need to be attached to a name change).
  2. All for Jesus is a great tagline, but not a good name for an organization.
  3. Don’t hurry into the process.
  4. The name and logo are significant in communications (more so than in previous years).
  5. There should be two separate components:  Writing and Graphic Design.
  6. The starting point should be the mission and the distinctives.
  7. Suggested an advisory group (not the Board) comprised of a writer, a graphic designer, and someone experienced in Marketing.

Doug proposed that the distinctives should inform the plan for the training center, and then the name change should come from that plan.  We would need to get the name change before next year’s benefit event.

Dan reported that Mike Pate assists nonprofit organizations to clarify their mission and distinctives, and that we should seek his facilitation and assistance in this area prior to discussion of candidacy for Board membership.  Mike Pate recommends a task force comprised of Board members who have a passion to join the group.  This would require a two-day commitment of time.  Revision of sections 2 and 5b in the BPM are the first step in the process.

Dan thanked Craig for his research and reminded everyone that we need to be still before God as we walk through this strategic faith planning.

Meeting Adjourned with Executive Session to Follow

Board packets included:

Meeting Minutes for 12/16/19

Meeting Minutes for 2/21/20

January-December 2019 Financial Summaries 

January-February 2020 Financial Summaries

President Report

Executive Director Report

Outreach Report