Board Meeting

Monday, May 18, 2020, 4:00 p.m. Start

Attendees: Daniel Hill, Craig Holt, Mark Rempel, Reid Saunders, Doug Terpening, Mike Smith, Rich Valette, Brian White, Mark Hanke, Justin Greene, Lisa Fordyce, Ruth Daniels
Absent: Clay Robertson. and Laura Morett.
Reid did the opening prayer.
Doug provided his testimony.

Regular Session
New Business- Pakistan Outreach
Ruth shared background about the Pakistan opportunities. Pastor Asher was the founder of Star television that shares TV access to Muslims. He came to Salem to talk with Reid. When Covid19 hit, RSA has had to cancel our short-term trips. Reid has been able to send two videos to pastor Asher to broadcast the video when most families are at home to watch the evangelistic video. The results: 1st video: over 3000 calls, 2,000 texts, 2551 Muslims gave their lives to Jesus. What the enemy is intending for evil, God is turning it into good. Thank you to everyone that worked to make this a possibility. The TV tracks feedback with people sending selfies. They have received calls from border where the Taliban lives. They have been getting calls for those area. Pastor Asher is available to take calls and respond. There are volunteers from several organizations to connect people with outreach groups that can minister to them. This has been the biggest evangelistic campaign that has happened and the most calls they have received. Asher said Reid is very personable and is good at connecting with the viewers, so they are really encouraged. We have also been sharing similar videos in Spanish. Spain and other Latin American counties are not quite ready yet. Reid- Really exciting to see how God can use RSA in primetime TV in the 10/40 window (area of the world that is significantly unreached). We are reaching a lot of people that we would not able to reach otherwise with face to face teams. Just amazed at what the Lord is doing. Craig- In Pakistan, they set up a call center to follow up with those that made decisions and that could provide them with needed materials to grow. Without that follow up, sending out videos will not be as effective.

Minutes from March Meeting Minutes:
Mike Smith made the motion (Motion #1- Approve Meeting Minutes) and Mark Rempel seconded the minutes. Notes were unanimously approved. Approval to Open Accounts for Capital Campaign- High-Interest Account with Reserve Funds. Asking to approve moving forward to create these new accounts. Doug, Lisa, and Kellen would be the signature authorization. Doug and Kellen will be the managers.
Craig- Should we spread the money to separate banks to make sure we get each of the accounts under FDIC insurance.
Mike- We could run through First Internet Account Bank and have them spread the dollars across several banks to make sure all the funds are FDIC insured. Craig moved that the board approved the accounts to be created but with the caveat that all the money must be FDIC insured. Doug and Kellen will be the managers. Doug, Lisa, and Kellen will have signature authority. Scott seconded. We strive for consistency with signature authority thresholds. This passed unanimously.

US Bank- PPS
Need to do some house cleaning with our accounts at US Bank. Kellen and Doug will be managers and signature authority will be Kellen, Doug, Lisa, and Ruth. Mike Smith made a motion (Motion #2- Account Signature Authority) to make Kellen and Doug will account managers and signature authority will be Kellen, Doug, Lisa, and Ruth. Mark Rempel seconded. This passed unanimously.

Board Committee Assignments
Finance committee: Mike Smith is Chair, Rich Valette, Scott M.
Development Committee: Craig Holt is Chair, Laura Morett, Clay Robertson.
Governance Committee: Dan Hill is the Chair, Mark Rempel, Brian White
Justin will be providing some pastoral care and support to the RSA team.

Corporate Secretary
Corporate Secretary is required as a corporate officer. Craig made a motion (Motion #3- Corporate Secretary) that the Board Secretary Scott Mansur also be the Corporate Secretary. Craig made a motion and Mike seconded. This passed unanimously.

President, Executive Director, Finance Report
Reid- praise the Lord that virtual opportunities that have opened for RSA. Funding for the ACTS center is still on track. Waiting for City approval.
Doug- Monthly giving is up. We have not had the desert yet so that funding has not happened. RSA was able to secure a PPP Loan.

RSA is using several markers for whether we will do outreach trips. Things like (can we travel there, can locals mobilize, is there a vaccine, what is the quarantine requirements).
Mark- Is there anything we need to know about rescheduling any of our events.
Doug- Israel-they took 20% and 80% was sent back. We did not actually lose the 20% of the money, it was just deferred. We will get to use that money for 2021. Italy took a very small loss. Right now, we have $220k in general fund cash.
Mike- Doug and Reid have done a great job keeping our budget and cash strong, reaching out to donors, making staffing decisions to keep costs low, and the PPP loan. It has left RSA in stronger financial conditions than we have been in the past. Mark Hanke led us in prayer praising the Lord for our current financial situation.

Staff/Board Ministry Visioning
There will be a meeting coming up that will be led by the Mike Pate who was RSA’s coach previously through the Murdock Foundation. The purpose of this meeting is to do some visioning/strategic planning (mission and distinctives of RSA). Save the date for June 27th. Assume 8:00 to 3:00 p.m. for now. We would like as many Board Members to attend if possible. More details will come. It will be a face to face meeting at some location (Oregon Garden or other locations).Craig asked RSA staff to provide a summary and the desired meeting outcomes.
Covid19 Testimonies:
All the board members and staff shared how Covid19 has impacted us individually. There was a roundtable.

Executive Session
No executive session items for this meeting.

Adjourned at 6:19 p.m.