2020 Sparks New Satellite TV Ministries

We may be living in a world-wide pandemic, filled with fear and uncertainty, but one thing is certain: God is faithful and in control. In times like this, we are not able to travel, but God has opened significant doors for RSA.  Through satellite TV, we can now reach an estimated 800 million people in a short amount of time. This is the modern day fulfillment of Mark 16:15, “Jesus said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all of creation.'”  Satellite TV has made it possible to reach across closed borders and speak directly to people who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel message is being broadcast in primetime via satellite television from Pakistan, India, and Africa to more than 70 countries within the 10-40 window, the most unreached part of the world.  Starting with an Easter message in April, and continuing each week throughout 2020,  Reid’s messages have been televised in English and other translated languages.

More than 187,716 people contacted the TV stations after the broadcast of Reid’s messages, and 84,488 made decisions to follow Christ in 9 months.

Because of the world-wide quarantine, many people are staying in their homes and there is a greater opportunity to reach people with the Good News of Jesus.  Local pastors, CRU staff, trained volunteers and counselors have done an excellent job in the call centers to pray with individuals that respond to the message, directing them to home churches and discipleship opportunities in their region. Having partners to do the follow-up work with each person that contacts the TV station by phone or text is a vital part of the ministry. Thirty-six new Christian churches were started in Pakistan this year as a result of the tremendous growth of new believers.

These are two testimonies of people that came to faith after watching broadcasts in northern India.

Hi. My name is Sel. Because of this pandemic, I lost my job six months ago. I was feeling desperate and lonely. No one and nothing could comfort me, and I was very depressed. Last week, I wanted to end my life because I didn’t have hope going forward. I tried many times to get a job, but didn’t have any luck. So, I wanted to end my life. That same day, my friend called me and told me to watch a TV program. My friend really compelled me to watch it. The person on the program was speaking about hope. It really struck my mind that the person was exactly describing my life and situation. It was the very first time I have ever heard about Jesus, and that in him I can have hope because He died for my sin. Those words really touched my heart. That same day I accepted Jesus in my life. Now, I have hope in Jesus and two days ago, I got a job! Thank you, Jesus! And thank you, Reid, for your wonderful message and broadcast in India.

 I’m Anjy. I am from a Hindu Orthodox family. All my life, I’ve been following all the rules of my gods, but even when doing all that I’m supposed to do, I haven’t had peace in my heart. In my family, we worship the 33 core gods, but even with doing all of this worship, we have lots of problems and we don’t have peace. I have everything I want in life, but no peace. However, on November 21st in the morning, I was watching TV. I was going through the channels, and suddenly I noticed a foreigner talking. As I was ready to change the channel, I noticed he was talking about forgiveness. That caught my attention, and I got curious about what else he was going to say. He continued talking about love and hope. That really touched my heart. I’ve heard about so many gods but never about Jesus. For the very first time I heard that he died for my sin. In my mind, I didn’t want to accept Jesus as my god. But Reid shared a story about a monkey that made me realize that I was gripping hard onto my pride. This struck my mind, and I decided to let go of my pride. In that same moment, I followed Reid’s prayer and accepted Jesus! Now, I have peace in my heart!