Dear Friends,

God is doing a great work in Karachi, Pakistan! Pakistan is a country with 220 million people, and only 1.6% are followers of Jesus. The field is ripe for harvest, and people are hungry for the Good News. Through the festival and various community outreaches, 80,000 people heard the Gospel and almost 25,000 of those people said “yes” to Jesus. What a joy to share Jesus here!

God still responds to the prayers of his people, and we witnessed that during our time in Karachi. Miraculously, we found favor with the government and city leaders. They welcomed us to hold a city-wide festival in a Muslim region, knowing that we would proclaim the Good News of Jesus. In God’s perfect timing, he made a way for us to proclaim that Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Our outreaches were effective and fruitful largely because of the 200 local churches who unified to help share the Gospel in their region. There was a huge sense of excitement and enthusiasm to see people coming to faith. Pastors are full of hope and expectation that this hunger for the Gospel will continue long after the outreaches have finished. I’m encouraged to hear that they feel empowered to continue making disciples and welcoming new believers into their church families. I sincerely believe we are just getting started. The spirit of God is paving the way for the Gospel to go out to the ends of the earth.

Heaven is rejoicing! Because of you, Pakistan will never be the same. Your prayers, support, and partnership in the Gospel have brought thousands in Karachi from death to life. Because of you, we will see these brothers and sisters in heaven. There is a real sense of victory that God is moving in Karachi, that today is the day of salvation, and that God is calling us for a new season of evangelism. There is great hope in seeing the churches unite and God bring people to him. In the year ahead, we plan to expand ministry to Hyderabad and Lahore, and saturate this country with the good news of Jesus Christ. The best is yet to come!

All for Jesus!
Reid Saunders