Acts Center for Global Evangelism

Empower the church to share the Gospel

RSA’s vision is to empower the church to share the Gospel through the building of the Acts Center.

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If sharing your faith feels difficult, there’s a spot at the table for you. From local to international, the Acts Center will be an educational school of evangelism for the practical equipping and training of believers.

Now is the time to equip the church to share the Gospel.

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Believers will be trained through three targeted programs:

Evangelist Equipping

This program spans a period of one year, with the purpose to train, equip, grow, and provide ministry opportunities for evangelists. The classes will be held once a month, either in person at the Acts Center or online. The program will consist of three components: Being an Evangelist, Fundraising, and Outreaches. In addition to Reid, other partners in ministry will teach and mentor the evangelists in this program, including Tim Robnett, the founder of the Evangelism Doctorate program at Multnomah University.

Pastor Equipping

This program offers a support group of peers for lead pastors who want to be energized in their love for evangelism. It is also for lead pastors who believe the Gospel message is important but are struggling to increase a heart for evangelism in their congregations. The pastors will attend one 90-minute training session at the Acts Center, limited to eight pastors per session.

Church Mobilization

This program aims to ignite the churches’ belief in the Gospel, and inspire a church-wide passion for the lost. Churches will gain the training and tools to hold their own evangelistic outreaches with their local congregation. RSA instructors will walk alongside them to train their congregation, provide evangelists if needed, and give a framework for discipleship of new believers.

The Training Has Already Begun

US Evangelists

Reid Saunders is currently training two US evangelists by taking them through training curriculum and mentoring them. In February 2022, we trained 40 emerging evangelists as part
of our partnership with Pulse 100, and we are pleased to be invited back to support Pulse 100 in 2023.

International Evangelists
  • In February 2023, RSA co-led an outreach in El Salvador alongside Pastor Isaias Martinez, the first international evangelist trained through our Evangelist Equipping Program. Pastor Isaias was personally mentored by Reid Saunders, coached in fundraising by Executive Director Doug Terpening, and equipped by RSA to lead an international outreach. As part of the Evangelist Equipping Program, trained evangelists are encouraged to coordinate their own festival. Pastor Isaias decided to share the gospel in his home country of El Salvador, specifically in a difficult region known for drug trafficking.
  • After going through a test run last year, we are excited to launch the first official evangelist training cohort. Three evangelists will benefit from our experience over the last year mentoring Pastor Isaias. Training will be held at a local YWAM base until we are ready to host them at the Acts Center.

Isaias, Carmen & Reid - El Salvador 2023

At the Acts Center….

Training classrooms

Meeting Space

Studio Production Center

New RSA Office Space

Most Christians will never share their faith. 

Now more than any time in my lifetime am I seeing not only those in the pews but those in the pulpit have lost the confidence and passion to share the Gospel.

– Mark Hanke, Senior Pastor of Salem First Baptist Church


Of Christians don’t believe it is their responsibility to share their faith


People die every day without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ


Of millennials say it’s wrong to share your personal beliefs with someone of a different faith

From Reviving Evangelism by the Barna Group


Reid Saunders Association exists to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

21 years


Decisions for Christ


Partner churches

4 million

Have heard the Gospel



Construction Timeline

Groundbreaking and construction will begin June 2023. We expect construction to be finished in Spring 2024.


The Acts Center is located in the Fairview area of Salem.

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