Current Prayer Request: Milpas Altas, Guatemala

And we’ve landed! 

Ruth and the team have begun their ministry in Guatemala! This small team is relying heavily on God for strength to serve in every capacity as they minister through medical clinics, a drama presentation of Jesus being the light to shine in our darkness, and the weekend garbage dump outreach. May God be seen and heard through the team! May He protect this small group! Thank you for praying – and thanking God – for all He is doing in and through this team.

Ruth Reports “Live” from the Field

7/24/16 – “Guatemala Team – Day Six. Our last day of ministry. We visited a church in Chimaltenango. It was overwhelming seeing there three patients we had treated at the medical clinic at the garbage dump. In the afternoon we said good-bye to many of our brothers and sisters we’ve met during the week.”

7/23/16 “Guatemala Team – Day Five of Ministry. An amazing day sharing a word of hope, providing breakfast and medical care to the workers at the garbage dump in Chimaltenango. Thanks to our ministry partners at Ministerios Amor y Vida for being with us.”

7/22/16 – “Guatemala Team – Day Four of Ministry. Held medical clinics and shared at a middle school. It’s awesome to be planting the seed in remote parts of Guatemala. All for His Kingdom!”

7/21/16 – “Guatemala Team – Day Three. Held clinics as usual in the morning. In the afternoon, visited an elementary school and were blessed by the attentiveness and participation of the students”

7/20/16“Guatemala Team – Day Two. Today we worked in San Miguel Milpas Altas. We touched so many lives physically and spiritually through the medical clinics.

In the afternoon we delivered clothing in a community in the mountains. Aury, a local community leader who is a Christian took us through the curvy narrow roads. The scenery was gorgeous. Volcanoes and mountains on the background, crops neatly lined in the valleys and lots of tall corn! We visited more than 15 homes, met lots of people on the road, and distributed about 300 pieces of clothing and shoes.

Aury was explaining to us that hardly anyone likes to go up these mountains because they are so high up and far from the big cities. Most NGOs work in the main towns and forget the farmers and their families that live in hard to reach places. These families feel forgotten and isolated. Having visited them and delivered clothing to their children was so uplifting. We prayed for most of the families.

Some of the farmers are women who are hired to work the land. They earn about $5 a day. Aury explained that since most of the moms work on the fields, they are unable to fix lunch for their children. So the only food they can leave for the children to eat is hot dogs and ramen noodles. This makes for a pretty bad diet. Hilmar, the ministry partner who incited RSA to come to Milpas Altas is looking to begin a feeding center in this mountain community.  This will also open the doors to plant a church. So in a sense, our team is helping with the initial ground work for a church plant. PTL!

Finally, although the land is plush and vibrant with crops and scenery, we found the people looking for hope. This reminded the team of the dried bones we’ve been praying about. May the Lord open the doors for a feeding center and a church plant so people up here become alive in the Lord!  It’s been a privilege to have met them, touch them, and pray for them. Glory be to His glorious name!


7/19/16 – “After much anticipation, our team of eight has finally arrived in Guatemala! We all arrived safely in Guatemala City on Saturday. On Sunday we traveled to Milpas Altas and attended a Sunday service in the afternoon.

We had our first full day of outreach today, Monday. We held medical clinics, helped feed needy children, and carried out our first VBS at Ministerios Senderos de Luz in Santa Lucia. It’s been amazing to see God’s healing hand. We have experienced first-hand how much He loves the people here!

Since our team is so small, we really need to rely on one another. We all do a little of everything. It’s been so much fun for all of us to be in the medical clinics and in the outreach. Please pray for us since we are at more than 6,500 ft. elevation. We are fine in the morning but in the afternoon we start getting pretty tired. Please pray for the prayer team, that the Holy Spirit would enlighten them as they pray for people and present the Gospel to them.

Pray for the poor people here. As we were seeing them at the clinics, they were sharing with us that most of the time they only have one tortilla to eat a day. Even in their poverty, they are happy and have grateful hearts.

There are many stories to tell, but I need to go to bed.
God is amazing!!!


An 11-year-old girl who came to the clinics in the morning with a chronic headache was given medicine and prayed for. She was so sick that she was crying in pain as she was being seen by Don. It was amazing to see her at the VBS in the afternoon—this time she was smiling and she asked if she could thank Don for helping her get better. This was very touching!

Your Prayers for Guatemala:

“Ruth, our prayer is 2 Timothy 4:17 paraphrased: The Lord will stand by you all and strengthen you all so that through you all the message of the Gospel will be fully proclaimed to all the Gentiles in Guatemala.”

Jul 19, 2016 at 4:48 PM

“May our God give strength, power, and wisdom to our team in Guatemala. May He heal the sick and open the hearts of everyone who hears the Word. In you, Jesus, we pray this. Amen. All For Jesus!”

July 20, 2016 at 3:45 PM

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