Short-Term Outreach Trips

RSA Outreach teams are involved in multiple activities including medical clinics, school assemblies, prison outreach visits, orphanage visits, humanitarian aid distribution, women’s outreach events, business leadership events, affinity meal events, youth and refugee outreaches. At the medical clinic, doctors and nurses provide free medical advice and medication for people living in poverty. Volunteers pray and share the Gospel with patients and family members that come to the medical clinic.

Team members also have the opportunity to share the Gospel through personal testimony, drama presentation, and using their spiritual gifts in a manner that is best suited for the culture and individual situations. RSA Outreach Teams are an effective means to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through personal contact, and promoting the larger city-wide festivals. Believers in foreign countries, and local church members are often encouraged, and emboldened to share their faith from the example of visiting team members. Doors for further ministry often remain open as a result of these groundbreaking efforts by visiting teams. Specific opportunities for service and involvement vary on each trip.

Contact Chelsey Taylor at Reid Saunders Association for the latest information and updates: 503-581-7394 or email  or

Upcoming Outreach Trips

Karachi, Pakistan – February 2022 – Team Outreach Trip with Medical (team spaces filled)

Paraguay – August 26-Sept 6 – Outreach Team Trip

Riga, Latvia – September  2022 – Youth Festival, Team Outreach Trip

Bergamo, Italy – May 2023 – Festival, Team Outreach Trip