Peru Family Festival 2017

April 22 – May 2, 2017

The churches in Villa El Salvador (VES) have invited RSA to carry out a week of evangelism and a three-day festival in their city. To assist the local church, a team of 34 will present the Gospel through a number of unique outreach ministries.

Join us in Prayer

Please pray for God’s working in the following areas:

  • Pray for safety and health for the team members and for their families as they are gone
  • Pray for the coordinators and speakers as they prepare for the outreach
  • Pray for the prison, school, medical, drama, and festival ministries as they serve the local people
  • Pray for the new believers to grow in the Lord, to bear fruits and be strongly rooted in Christ
  • Pray that recent flooding of the main water plant would not negatively affect the area’s drinking water


Sunday: RSA Team Arrives in Peru, speaks at churches

Monday: Medical clinics, ministry at four different schools

Tuesday: Women’s breakfast, medical clinic, ministry at four different schools

Wednesday: Senior’s breakfast, medical clinic, ministry at two schools

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Thursday: Medical clinic, ministry at two different schools, prison ministry, Civil Authorities Dinner, 

Friday: Medical Clinic, ministry at school for disabled children, festival

Saturday: Children’s clothing distribution, festival 

Sunday: Festival

Monday: RSA team departs Lima

Spreading Hope

There are around 200 small churches (with 50 – 100 members) in VES. These churches desire for everyone to know Jesus. With the increase in gang activity, drugs, child abuse, and mistreatment of women, there is a serious need for medical treatment and the message of hope to those that are hurting.

To assist the local church in meeting these needs, a group of 34 people (RSA team, Bob Lenz/Life Promotions (LP), Tim Robnett Ministries, Salem Heights Church, and two BMX performers) will present the Gospel at schools, orphanages, and prisons. Along with providing medical clinics, the team will also minister to both senior citizens as well as civil authorities such as the local police and mayor. The outreach will end in three days of evangelistic festivals.

An Unlikely City

Villa El Salvador began as an impoverished squatters camp for families displaced by a 1971 earthquake in the mountainous regions of Peru. Today, a growing estimated population of more than 500,000 people reside on this arid desert landscape, many still living in temporary shacks. The city has made remarkable progress through citywide organization, developments of transportation, water and sewer projects, public education, and meal programs. Read More

Despite areas of apparent prosperity, this unlikely city’s well developed areas are accompanied by surrounding zones of shanty towns made up of makeshift shacks. These areas, according to local papers and most guidebooks, are the most dangerous to visit in all of Peru.

Throughout its history, Peru has been heavily influenced by Catholicism, which is officially recognized as the state church. Today, 81 percent of the population is Catholic, though only 5 percent attend mass regularly. Over the last fifty years, the evangelical church in Peru has grown dramatically, increasing from just 78,000 in 1960 to over 3.4 million today.

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