RSA Board Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2019

Location: RSA Corporate Office

Board Members Present: Mike Smith, Laura Morett Dan Hill, Craig Holt, Brian White, Clay Robertson, Mark Rempel 

Board Members Absent: Steve Hudspeth, Justin Greene, Steve Blehm

Guests: Dick Brady

Devotional: Reid gave a devotion out of Hebrews 11 about the gift of faith. He shared how RSA is set for a season of growth and will need faith in it. 

Approval of Minutes: The one change to the minutes was that Craig Holt was requested to not step down from the board while serving as a consultant. 

Craig Holt – Motioned to approve the minutes with the change of his role

Mike Smith – Seconded the motion. 

Unanimous approval of the minutes.

Presentation of reports

  • President’s report: Reid shared about the Vietnam trip and the results from the trip. He shared how the RSA theme for 2019 is Eternal Impact. (See Exhibit A for full President report)
  • Executive Director Report:  Doug shared an update on the next two outreaches: the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. He shared that NextStudy is now 100% operational on the Apple App store and the Google Play Store. You can download the app today. Shared how RSA finished the year financially. (See Exhibit B for ED Report)

Old Business:

  • No old business

New Business:

  • First Item: Approval of Brian White as a Board Member
    • Summary of Discussion: Dan Hill shared that Brian is a former board member coming off a sabbatical. Everyone in the room knew Brian. 
    • Action:
      • Dan Hill Motioned to approve Brian White as a Board Member
      • Mark Rempel seconded the motion
      • Unanimous approval of Brian White
      • This is Motion 2019-01
  • Second Item: Approval of Rich Vallett for Board Member
    • Summary of Discussion: Dan Hill shared that Rich is a former board member coming off a sabbatical. 
    • Action:
      • Dan Hill motioned to approve Rich Vallett as a Board Member
      • Mark Rempel seconded the motion
      • Unanimous approval of Rich Vallett
      • This is Motion 2019-02
  • Third Item: Governance Discussion
    • Summary of Discussion: Dan Hill lead a discussion about the board switching from a managing board to a governance board. He lead the board through a discussion based on the handout “What are the Basic Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards?” Dan mentioned that a possible solution is to eliminate the Ends of the Earth Committee and instead have 3 active committees: Finance and Audit Committee; Board Governance; Development committee. Dick Brady mentioned how important financial controls were of 1st importance from his previous experience with a different board.  Brian White wanted to know the tangible next steps to switch to a Governing board. Laura stated how this seems overwhelming to build all these committees. Dan Hill stated that this will happen inch by inch to get this all built out. 
    • Action: Dan asked each member for which committee they are interested in serving on:

Finance: Mike Smith (Chair)

Development: Craig (Chair), Laura and Clay

Board Governance: Dan (Chair), Mark and Brian. Mike offered to lend a hand.

No formal vote was taken at this time as Dan Hill wants to get more concrete information to the board.

The chairman declared the meeting adjourned at  9:50 pm