Board Meeting

Friday, February 21, 2020

Members present:  Justin Greene, Dan Hill, Craig Holt, Mark Rempel, Reid Saunders, Doug Terpening, Rich Valette, Brian White

Staff present:  Ruth Daniels, Lisa Fordyce

Dan opened the Board meeting with prayer.

2019 Recap

Doug highlighted goals that were completed in 2019, as well as presenting the annual report and RSA ending the year with $304,000.

Board Policy Manual

Dan presented the Board Policy Manual (BPM) for review and discussion.  Board members discussed the manual and determined that work is needed for Divisions 2 and 5.  Craig Holt moved to adopt the BPM as is, with Division 2 and Division 5B for immediate modification by the Board.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

The board talked about the changes over the years, and becoming a governance board.  There was uncertainty about their new role and purpose in serving RSA, and they agreed to discuss this again after Divisions 2 and 5B have been revised and brought back for presentation to the full board.

Strategic Faith Planning

Dan spoke about his experience using the model of Strategic Faith Planning.  Primary principles include the fact that there is an unseen Senior Partner, that the board must be in line with His plans, and that sometimes moving quickly is a barrier to prayerfully discerning His will.

RSA Vision, Mission, & Future

Reid spoke about what God has placed on his heart regarding the future of the ministry.  Reid does not want people to remember him, but to remember Jesus, and so he wants to remove his name from presentation of the organization to the public.  

Reid feels that changing the name to something like All for Jesus fits perfectly with the direction of the organization in building the Acts Center to train new evangelists so that more people can hear the gospel.  He spoke passionately about his desire for proclamation (reaching people for Christ) and multiplication (training workers for the harvest).

Name Change

After discussing the possibility of a name change for RSA, the Board reached agreement to change the name (that is visible to the public).  The IRS designated name will remain Reid Saunders Evangelistic Association, but the organization will be known by a DBA (whatever name is determined).

Dan moved to authorize the RSA Executive Team to explore the name change with a professional, and to investigate the possibility of All for Jesus as the new name.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Board Members

Dan has agreed to serve a second year as Chair of the board.  Board members were directed to their packets for information to review on Mike Pate as a candidate.  The process for new board members is an interview prior to being offered a seat.

Executive Director

Doug distributed additional invitations to the 2020 Connect Benefit event for Board members to use in filling their tables.

Meeting Adjourned