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Prayer Teams provide an opportunity for groups to meet together in corporate, strategic prayer for specific mission trips. A team is formed for each mission trip and commits to meet together to pray for one hour each week, over the course of five weeks. There are three prayer phases during this time: 

Preparation – Three weeks before the trip, the team meets. During these first three prayer times, the team prays for God to prepare and clear the way.

Provision – The week during the mission trip, the team meets to pray for the work that is taking place.

Protection – The week after the mission trip, the team meets. This last prayer gathering is one to give thanks to God and to pray for new believers. We are not unaware of the devil’s schemes to steal the new ‘seedlings’ or to drown them with cares and worries. We also pray for the increased church body.

Please consider being part of a Prayer Team for one of the following outreach trips of 2020-21:   

Vietnam, Pakistan, Israel, Italy

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