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The tapestry of life…

God weaves beautiful tapestries out of our lives and though we cannot always see it, somehow He weaves our lives together in an even larger and more beautiful tapestry that involves people you could never predict…

We are stronger together, than apart. Community Bible Study Groups are like that. Individual beautiful people brought together because of our Lord, and for our Lord. One evening, in our Community Group, a story was shared about a woman, Susanna Wesley a mom, with many many children. She struggled to find a moment for herself, to find time with Jesus until one day she put her apron over her head to pray. 

The apron that kept her clothing in good repair, carried her food in from the field, carried her laundry, wiped the tears of one child, and the mouth of another -her helper – became her saving grace and she began to use it to be spiritually fed.  It soon was a habit, her time under the apron, her time with her Savior. Her children respected her time for they knew that when momma put her apron over her head it was a sign that she was talking to Jesus…

Then the Holy Spirit moved in our group and someone suggested we should sew aprons for women overseas. Many in our group are seamstresses. The idea continued to blossom and then one day, the international director became interested and took some with her to Brazil. The missionaries and staff there were excited and supportive… loved the idea. Aprons provide utility beyond our imagination here in the Western culture. For a woman, it’s like a tool belt, a helping hand, and telling the story, speaking of our Savior, may give that woman hope and salvation.

Aprons are under $10 each (sometimes under $5) to make. What these women will receive, the apron, and the story, and perhaps a life with Jesus in her heart, is priceless. God’s tapestry.

Hundreds of aprons have been given to moms in Brazil, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Philippines, Spain, Italy, and Vietnam

Testimonial Response

RSA received this message September 2019:

I’m Iluminada Gómez. My sister and I attended the Women’s Event (Dominican Republic, January 2019) entitled “The Praying Apron”. I want to share with you that my sister still is using hers from when she got it in January. It reminds us to pray for our families and your ministry!  We thank you and the sewing ladies for your love for the Lord and for using your talents to serve Him and bless US!

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