“Reid Saunders is a humble servant of the Lord with a heart for all people and a passion for the Gospel. For more than 20 years the Lord has used him to proclaim the Good News all over the world. He has been a wonderful partner in ministry and has been used powerfully to reach many people with the life-saving message of Jesus. It has been a blessing to watch him grow and mature. Now I’m excited to see him use his gifting to raise up other evangelists for greater global impact.”

– Luis Palau, Evangelist

Reid Saunders is truly all for Jesus. His transparent and motivating passion is to reach people with the love of Jesus, the message of Good News, and to bring glory to God in every step along the way. In addition to his joyful, exuberant demeanor, Reid is a strong man of God with a mature eye for loving and ministering deeply to people.”

– Andrew Palau, Evangelist with Luis Palau Association

“24/7/365 Everyone who knows Reid knows he is 100% All for Jesus!
Reid Saunders is one of those rare people you meet whose life fully models what he shares from stage. In an age of self glorifying social media posts and sound bites, Reid Saunders is the real deal. No fluff. No exaggeration. Only Jesus.
Reid’s love for Jesus is contagious and grows every time I meet him. You cannot encounter his life and message and remain unchanged. Read his book. Support his ministry. Invite him to speak on your biggest stage. Spend time with this man and you will be better for it!”

– Nick Hall, Pulse Movement

“I have found that Reid is the “real thing.” His sermons are biblical, well-outlined, and well-illustrated. Reid has the gifting of the Spirit of Christ in his preaching and calling people to decisions for Christ.”

– Dr. Tim Robnett, Author

“Reid Saunders is among the gifted next generation evangelists that I know today. He radiates a passion for Jesus Christ that is highly contagious. If you’re looking for a man of God to “proclaim the unchanging message in changing times,” then Reid is your guy!”

– Mike Silva, Evangelist and President of Mike Silva International

“I’ve known Reid Saunders since his early days of ministry and admire his Christ-like character, commitment to Scripture, passion for people, and servant leadership. It’s no wonder Reid is reaching hundreds of thousands with the Good News! He is a gifted communicator and effective evangelist. Invite Reid, support him and his team, and watch God at work. There’s no telling how many lives Reid will touch in his lifetime. I think it’s going to be huge!”

– Jose Zayas, Evangelist and President of Jose Zayas Evangelism International

“After nearly two decades of teaching at Corban College [formerly Western Baptist College] and pastoring a church, I have seen hundreds of Christian young people. A handful stands out as blessed with unusual ability and heart for the Lord. Reid is in that select group.”

– Greg Trull, Professor and Chair of the Ministry Department at Corban College

“Reid Saunders is a passionate communicator and an effective evangelist whose love for Jesus, commitment to the Word of God, and heart for people permeates his ministry. His favorite saying, “All for Jesus!” says it all. As president of Multnomah, I am proud that Reid is an alumnus of Multnomah Biblical Seminary. All of our faculty believe that as Reid and his team touch lives for Christ around the world, our ministries are enriched and multiplied by the Spirit of God through him.”

– Daniel R. Lockwood, former President Multnomah University

“Your gift as an evangelist has given you the unique ability to reach thousands through-out the world. I am very pleased whenever I hear of one of our successful alum making a difference for Jesus Christ in the world. As you always say ”All for Jesus.” I also know that you have made an impact on our students through your class on evangelism. Thanks for your service not only for the Lord but Corban University.”

– Reno Hoff, LL.D. former President of Corban University

“Being able to go on these trips and teach women has really given me an opportunity to take these things that God has been teaching me and teach it to others.”

– Christina Jarvie, India trip 2011, Ghana trip 2012

“After coming home from Uganda (with RSA), which was a life changing trip for me, I returned to the retail sector of work because it’s what I knew. (Eventually) I remembered my time in Africa with RSA. And that really launched this journey of discovery: how can I be a part of restoring God’s Kingdom on earth? What I do at AGCI is mobilize people from all over the U.S. to serve orphans around the world. The experiences I had with RSA were really pivotal in guiding my life in a new direction. I do what I do today because of the passion that I saw in Reid and the others in the organization, and the way they wanted to serve and glorify God. It made a huge impact on me and I’ll never be the same.”

– Erica Stillar, All God’s Children International

“Ghana Fest 2012 has made me to know that I can also do the work of God. I can also preach. I can also bring people to Christ. I can preach to people. I can share the Word- I can show love to people.”

– Quame Gyasi, Christian in Ghana

“After the festival we heard a lot of stories from the festival that many people who came to Christ, they started to follow Christ, and the pastors were there. They started to do the follow-up work and they started to reach these people.”

– Sunny Abraham, Church Leader, India

“I was the one doing idol worship. My whole family worshiped idols when we came to the 2011 festival. At the festival, the way the message touched me, I decided to follow Jesus. From that day forward, I have been worshiping Jesus. I converted from Hindu to Christian and I got baptized. Because of this festival, my family came to Christ. My father and mother also turned to Christ. If this festival had not happened in this place, we would still be doing idol worship. Here, where we live, there is no one who shares about Christ. We are so grateful for the festival that came, and hope you will come again to help others to consecrate their hearts to Jesus. The pull of idol worship is so strong here in this village.”

– Renuka, new believer, India

“I’ve seen first hand, and heard many other accounts, of the great work of Reid Saunders Association around the world. The entire Corban University community is proud of Reid as an alum, as one who teaches our evangelism class, and mostly as one who wonderfully lives out our institutional mission to ‘make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.’”

-Dr.Sheldon Nord, Former President of Corban University

Luis Palau and Reid 200x300 1

Luis Palau and Reid Saunders

Reid Saunders Association is accredited by ECFA and abides by their Standards of Stewardship.