Hope for La Vega, Dominican Republic

January 28 – February 5,  2019

In partnership with 103 evangelical churches from the central region of Dominican Republic, Reid Saunders Association brought hope and healing to more than 80,000 people in the traditionally Catholic island. There was a tremendous spiritual battle being waged for the hearts and minds of the island residents as the annual Mardi Gras festival was scheduled to begin the same weekend as the RSA Buena Vida outreach festival.

La Vega is considered the main tourist destination for party-goers and Carnival activities surrounding Mardi Gras. The team felt the spiritual darkness and oppression as they toured the city, and lifted their requests to God. They were joined by hundreds of faithful prayer partners back home. The stage was set for a battle between darkness and light.

During the week leading up to the RSA festivals, Reid and Ruth met with pastors, observing their unity and strong desire to reach the city of La Vega with the hope of the Gospel message. The RSA medical team held five clinics in various poor suburbs surrounding the city. Other team members went to public schools sharing personal testimonies, music, BMX bike demonstrations and gospel presentations. Three hundred women turned out for a night of worship and encouragement. Reid and partnering evangelist Richard Hamlet were invited guests on a popular local TV station, sharing the Gospel with 1.2 million viewers.

Through your prayers and partnership, the battle was won. Friday, the first night of the Buena Vida outreach, 20,000 people came to the RSA festival. Each night, the crowds increased, filling the venue.  An estimated 80,000 people heard the Good News of Jesus Christ proclaimed through music and preaching. Mardi Gras attendance across town was the lowest in history. Each night, thousands raised their hands to make a public profession of faith. A total of 20,672 people made decisions to follow Christ during the ten days of outreach. La Vega will be changed for years to come.

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