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2020-2021 Satellite TV Broadcast Results

  • Satellite TV broadcasts started with an Easter message, April 2020, on ShineStar TV in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Reid’s messages are broadcast in English, and translated into Telugu, Urdu, French, and Spanish languages.
  • More than 371,000 people have contacted the TV station call centers after broadcasting Reid’s messages.
  • Over 176,000 people have responded to the Gospel message.
  • Additional TV broadcast locations were added in July 2020.
  • Satellite broadcasts were also tested in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea in 2020.
  • 58 new churches have been added inside the 10/40 Window in two years.
  • Please continue to pray for the pastors and faithful volunteers that work in the call centers, respond, do follow-up and discipleship of new believers.

In 2020, the world was experiencing a world-wide pandemic filled with fear and uncertainty. World-wide travel was suddenly banned. One thing is still certain: God is faithful and in control. In times like this, RSA was not able to travel, but God opened other doors for alternative types of ministry.

Through the technology of satellite TV, we can now reach an estimated 800 million people in a short amount of time. This is the modern day fulfillment of Mark 16:15, “Jesus said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all of creation.'”  

The Gospel message is being broadcast in primetime via satellite television from Pakistan and India to more than 70 countries within the 10-40 window, the most unreached part of the world.  Starting with an Easter message in April, and continuing each week,  Reid’s messages have been televised in English and other translated languages.

Because of health concerns, many people are staying in their homes and there is a greater opportunity to reach people directly with the Good News of Jesus.  Local pastors, trained volunteers and counselors have been ready in the call centers to pray with everyone that responds to the message, directing them to home churches and discipleship opportunities in their region.

We are asking people to pray for three things. First, pray that the Spirit of God will prepare people’s hearts to respond to the gospel. Secondly, pray for the pastors that will be following up with people that come to Christ. And thirdly, pray for our partnership ministries, that will be helping new believers connect to small groups and house churches in many of these countries.

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Reid Saunders Association is pleased to work with Pastor Asher Mansha, a leader of the Christ Holiness Church in Karachi, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, since 2009.  pastor asher manshaHis ministry reaches thousands of people through various outreaches, leadership conferences, children’s ministry, women’s conferences, and church planting efforts.  He also operates Pakistan’s first Christian TV station, “Shine Star Television”.  Their satellite broadcast reaches millions of people in Pakistan and a potential audience of 700 million more people throughout Southern Asia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

Pastor Asher preaches the uncompromising Word of God. He encourages Christians to look beyond their own needs, be a blessing to others, and meet the physical needs of others.  He has been arrested three times for his faith in Christ. In 1997 he was beaten on the street by hundreds of Muslim fundamentalists during a protest of the Christian massacre in Shanti Nagar, Punjab. He was severely wounded, but miraculously saved from death by police intervention. His ministry has taken him to many cities in Pakistan, including Quetta, Zhob, Pasni and Chaman near the Afghanistan border, an area influenced by the Taliban since 2013. His desire is to train underground church leaders and pastors in Pakistan to evangelize children, youth and young adults.  “Federation of Churches International” a network of pastors and leaders that he started in 2016, has more than 100 Bible-believing churches working in an unified effort to bring the Gospel to the people of Pakistan.  He resides in a city of Karachi, Pakistan (the largest Muslim city in World) with his wife Asiya and their three children.

Pastor Sudhakar teachingPastor Sudhakar of Nehemiah Ministries contacted RSA to add additional satellite TV broadcasts through his connection with Rakshana Christian TV station. His first broadcast August 17, 2020 to the Andhra Pradesh region was so successful that he had to recruit 14 additional young Bible college students to follow-up with people that responded to the Gospel. His wife started a women’s group to care for the female callers. His broadcasts began reaching thousands of people living in northern India and Bangladesh with the Good News.