Reid Saunders

On a stage or at a grocery store, Reid sees opportunities all around him to share hope with those who are hurting.

Reid was born and raised in Petaluma, California. He enjoyed a loving family and popularity in school, but felt a void in his life. At 17 years of age, Reid surrendered himself to the Lord, a decision that changed the trajectory of his life.

As a young Christ-follower, Reid recorded many of Billy Graham’s messages, marveling at the power of God’s Word to touch hearts and change lives. Reid preached his first evangelistic message at a festival in Petaluma, CA at the age of 22.

He graduated from Western Baptist College (now Corban University) in 1998, and went on to Multnomah Biblical Seminary to earn a Masters in Divinity in 2002 and Doctorate in Global Evangelism in 2022.

In 2002, Reid founded Reid Saunders Association, which has proclaimed the Gospel in word and in deed to millions of people across the globe. He has ministered in 95 countries and across the USA at festivals, conferences, and outreach events. He is the author of Life to the Fullest, All for Jesus! Making Your Life Count for Christ, and Active8.

Reid, his wife, Carmen, and their three children live in Salem, Oregon.

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