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Recent testimonies of new believers in India and Pakistan as a result of the satellite TV ministry.

January 4, 2021

Hi my name is Hasita. I have always believed that all gods are the same and are one, so I’ve been worshiping all gods. But on December 19, for some odd reason I was watching a Christmas program. The person was talking about good news. I was confused about what he meant by good news. Suddenly, he said that Jesus is the Good News, and it was for all the people. He said, “Jesus came to forgive you”, and that Jesus says “I love you”. These words really touched my heart! That day I received God’s Christmas gift of Jesus. I accepted Jesus as my savior. Now I believe that Jesus is the only God. Thanks, Reid, for sharing what Christmas is.

Hi, I am Mukul. This pandemic time has been hard. My family and I have been struggling, and I just didn’t know what to do. On December 24, my friend told me to watch a TV program, and she told me that if I watched it, I was going to receive a gift. I wondered what kind of gift I was going to get. After watching that program, I decided to accept the Christmas gift. In that box, I found the cross and love. This present has changed my life because I was broken and desperate, but after watching the TV program, I became very happy when I decided to accept the gift. I got salvation! I received Jesus as my personal savior! Thanks to my friend and Reid.

December 4, 2020

My name is evangelist Shamy.  I saw the program of pastor Reid on Shine Star TV. He has taught me to present the simple and powerful message of the cross in a clear way with the lost. My life has changed so much because of his preaching and now I am helping others to know Christ as well. Thanks Pastor Reid!

December 5, 2020

Hi. My name is Sel. Because of this pandemic, I lost my job six months ago. I was feeling desperate and lonely. No one and nothing could comfort me, and I was very depressed. Last week, I wanted to end my life because I didn’t have hope going forward. I tried many times to get a job, but didn’t have any luck. So, I wanted to end my life. That same day, my friend called me and told me to watch a TV program. My friend really compelled me to watch it. The person on the program was speaking about hope. It really struck my mind that the person was exactly describing my life and situation. It was the very first time I have ever heard about Jesus, and that in him I can have hope because He died for my sin. Those words really touched my heart. That same day I accepted Jesus in my life. Now, I have hope in Jesus and two days ago, I got a job!!!! Thank you, Jesus! And thank you, Reid, for your wonderful message and broadcast in India.

 I’m Anjy. I am from a Hindu Orthodox family. All my life, I’ve been following all the rules of my gods, but even when doing all that I’m supposed to do, I haven’t had peace in my heart. In my family, we worship the 33 core gods, but even with doing all of this worship, we have lots of problems and we don’t have peace. I have everything I want in life, but no peace. However, on November 21st in the morning, I was watching TV. I was going through the channels, and suddenly I noticed a foreigner talking. As I was ready to change the channel, I noticed he was talking about forgiveness. That caught my attention, and I got curious about what else he was going to say. He continued talking about love and hope. That really touched my heart. I’ve heard about so many gods but never about Jesus. For the very first time I heard that he died for my sin. In my mind, I didn’t want to accept Jesus as my god. But Reid shared a story about a monkey that made me realize that I was gripping hard onto my pride. This struck my mind, and I decided to let go of my pride. In that same moment, I followed Reid’s prayer and accepted Jesus! Now, I have peace in my heart!

September 31, 2020

Hi, my name is Marshal. I was hearing this message of hope today. It was a very useful and heart touching message. I felt that Brother Reid was speaking directly to me. Most of the time in my life I have been lonely and frustrated, but this message has given me the hope that Jesus Christ loves me and forgives all my sins. He accepts me as I am when others reject me. Now I am filled with peace, love, and Eternal Life. It gave me a great faith to hear that God took all my sins, guilt and shame. Now, I have no fear about my future! I know that God will bless my future because He has the plan and purpose for my life. I want you to know that I also shared this message with my friends and family, and some of my friends were touched by this Gospel and they received Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior. Once again, thank you so much for your powerful word of God. Thank you, Brother Reid! 

Hi. My name is Nabitha, I have been committing adultery for the past six years. I thought happiness was found in money and sex. So, that’s why I started doing adultery but I did not find happiness in my life. I have not been happy with anything. This week I was watching a TV program in which Brother Reid was talking about happiness and hope. He explained that we can’t find happiness in money, friends etc. But in Jesus name we have happiness and hope. Those words really touched my heart. That same day I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. Now, in my life I have happiness and hope! Amen.

September 1, 2020

I am  Lakshmi.  I was going through a great depression. I have never believed in any God.  I don’t have anyone to take care of me. I am a widow. Everybody has left me. I used to cry every day and night. But last week I saw a TV program of Reid speaking about a woman. The message really touched my life. I was just like the woman he was talking about. I didn’t have happiness in my life. After hearing about Jesus, my heart filled with peace and joy. It was the first time I had that experience. That same day I accepted Jesus as Lord. I was longing to call the pastor. The helpline answered my call and encouraged me and prayed for me. The pastor helped me answer many questions and doubts I had, and NOW I have peace. I wish to know more about Jesus. Thank you!

My name is Nagaraju. I’ve been a strong follower of idols, but really confused about what will happen after death. I never heard about Jesus. But last week while channel surfing to watch some other program, suddenly I found a person, Reid Saunders, speaking about Doctor Albert Einstein. I was amazed that I was watching that program and that man was saying that Doctor Albert Einstein had lost his ticket and didn’t know where he was going. Then Reid asked, after you died where will you go? This really made me think. Then he started talking about Jesus and our sins. I came to know about Jesus. I felt that in Jesus we will have life after death. My curiosity in Jesus started and I wanted to know more about Him. So I called the helpline and immediately they answered me and answered the many questions I had for many years. Now I accepted Jesus in my life. The pastors are helping me to know about Jesus and now I am praying to Jesus. I really thank God and the meaningful message.