You can play a vital role in the ministry of Reid Saunders Association (RSA) when you partner with us.

Jesus said in John 4:35, “I tell you, open your eyes and look to the fields! They are ripe for harvest!” Yes, the fields are ripe for harvest, but notice what Jesus said regarding this harvest in Luke 10:2. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.”

We need your help in the harvest fields.  Here are three ways you can get involved.


Each year we take several teams on short-term mission trips, both locally and globally.  We invite you  to contact us to place your name on our Trip Updates Email List and pray about going with us on one of these upcoming trips. Visit our web site for the trip updates, fill out forms at, and contact us as early as possible for the latest information.

There are opportunities on almost every trip to join the prayer, medical, or outreach team. Some of the many effective ways to serve and use your talents include drama, music, photography, video production, communications, action sports, teaching, and language translation. You will be asked to raise financial and prayer partner support. Food, housing, planning, transportation, tools, and equipment are provided. Experienced leaders are there to help you communicate the Gospel in cross-cultural settings.


As the Lord leads, there are many ways you can give to RSA and reach people for Jesus.  We are blessed by people that live in the Salem area and volunteer their time for mailings, golf tournaments, banquets hosting, transportation, moving supplies, or internship in our home office. You can also donate crafts, visual aids, or children’s supplies, clothing, fabric or sewing materials.  A wonderful team of women lovingly sew thousands of children’s dresses and shorts each year that are distributed to needy children around the world. We are always in need of medicines and supplies for our medical teams. Some prefer to be on the Prayer Team or the more intense Prayer Cell Ministry that covers specific trips or ministry. Monthly or yearly financial support is another great way to support RSA.

Getting Involved

In addition to going on a trip or providing financial support to the ministry, there are a few other important ways you can get involved with RSA. We offer tools and practical Friendship Evangelism training to help equip and prepare you to go out into the harvest fields and share Jesus with others. Jesus wants all of His followers to be actively involved and doing their part in the Great Commission, found in Matthew 28:18-20. Please contact us about scheduling a Friendship Evangelism training session in your church. We would also love to have you pray with us and for us!  There are three ways to join us in prayer: join a corporate team to pray for a specific trip for a short period of time (Prayer Team), receive prayer requests by email (Share-A-Prayer), and/or add us to your regular prayer schedule. Of course, you can do all three!

Join the Prayer Team here, or sign up for the Share-A-Prayer email list here.